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Backup Storage: Understanding Your Options from IT Support Providers in San Francisco

Backup Storage

When hiring an IT support provider in San Francisco, you should consider the backup storage solutions provided before committing to the contract. In general, modern businesses depend on digital data and information for day-to-day operations. Therefore, if your commercial data is lost due to a hacker attack, natural disaster, or equipment malfunction, the consequences can be dire for your company. You will need to spend extensive financial resources to rebuild your data bank and resume normal operations.

If you would like to avoid the detriments of business data loss, you should establish a backup storage solution as part of your disaster recovery plan. Typically, you can choose onsite solutions such as direct attached storage and specialized disaster protected storage or you can elect to use offsite cloud storage solutions from a managed services provider. Regardless of your preference, here are the four storage options that you should think about before choosing the ideal backup structure:

Full Data Backup

As implied, a full backup involves making a complete copy of all the data and information in your database to a separate media platform. The data includes all the files and folders utilized in your commercial operation. The primary advantage attached to using a full backup storage structure for every operation is that you will have the best protection for your data. In addition, all your backup data will be in one place which makes recovery and data restoration easy.

On the other hand, full backup will require a lot of time because all the data must be copied each time. This process will be a major inconvenience for most operations if used daily or frequently. In addition, a lot of space is required, especially if you are planning on using onsite hardware. For the best results, complete backups should be only performed periodically. You can still keep your data secure by combining the initial full backup with incremental and differential backup.

Incremental Data Backup

You should consider choosing incremental backup from your IT support provider in San Francisco. It is the most convenient with regard to storage space and backup and restoration time. In general, this form of backup makes copies of the details which have changed since the previous backup. For example, if you perform a full backup on date A, the incremental operation on date B will only copy what has changed between date A and B. When you back up again on date C, only the data between B and C will be copied.

Differential Data Backup

Differential backups combine the properties of full and incremental backup. You will enjoy enhanced data protection while minimizing the total space and time required for backup. Typically, differential backup will allow you to make copies of your modified and new data since the last full back-up. Like the incremental backup, if you perform full backup on date A, the differential process on date B will only copy what has changed between date A and B. On date C, the data changed between date A and C will be copied.

If you would like to learn more about ideal backup storage solutions, contact us at OneClick Solutions today. We are a leading IT support provider in San Francisco and we can help you implement an effective and sturdy backup storage solution.



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