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San Francisco IT Support Provides Fundamental Protections in Today’s Tech World

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Solutions to Secure Businesses against Developing Threats

San Francisco IT support represents a technological zenith in the world. Yet, even as the finest advantages develop from technology, there will also be fringe tech threats that naturally develop collaterally. It’s almost Newtonian physics— every action has a reaction that’s both equal and opposite. With technology, as energy is saved, dependence grows, and areas of exploitation expand. The following are three primary considerations any business should ponder when using the tech solutions available to them:

  • New challenges in technology
  • Surprisingly underhanded challenges compromise insiders
  • A regulatory atmosphere that is increasingly challenging

New Tech Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) has securely revolutionized web-based technology. From cars to smartphones, to smart watches and smart thermostats, refrigerators, garage doors, and more, there are multiple areas of entry for a skillful hacker. Smartphones are one of the most wide-open; it just requires a little bit of strategy. Usually, that strategy looks like this: a hacker will design an app that is a sort of spin-off of a popular service. The app is a sort of “Trojan horse” that hides a bit of coding which will use your phone as part of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Recently, such an attack practically shut down the east coast.

No one is immune from such clever hacks, but there can be things done to safeguard against them. For starters, most of the DDoS targets became targets by not changing default passwords. A bit of written code searched out default security codes and exploited the companies using them.

Good, basic security can help keep you from being undermined by such cybercrime. Still, there are many ways cybercriminals approach their craft. It’s an industry worth more than $500 billion annually. Forbes expects it to hit $2 trillion in 2019.

A developing industry will compromise its targets in new ways. Accordingly, you want the best protection available, and San Francisco IT support can be sourced which provides this to you. It’s the prerogative of a tech firm to confront and overcome new challenges in technology. Your internal solutions probably don’t have such resources unless you yourself are a dedicated tech company; and even then, there are plenty of outsourced advantages— chief among them cost-effectiveness.

Insider Compromise

Say you’re in a secretarial position at a law firm that’s passed you over for certain promotional developments that may put you in contact with a more lucrative position. You’ve been at it eight years; they keep giving you false smiles and busywork. For reference, think of Saul Goodman from the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul television shows. Now, imagine somebody offered a character like Saul Goodman several thousand to provide database passwords against his underhanded employers. Saul would jump all over that and he’s not even that much of a bad guy in the series. Today’s moral elasticity makes many entry-points feasible for cybercrime; the most lucrative ones internal. So, partition security clearance as per an IT firm’s suggestion based on the likelihood of data compromise.

Regulations, Regulations

They can be up to 4% of a company’s global annual turnover, depending on scale. That may be millions. You’ve got to follow regulations, and knowing what they are is the greatest challenge. For that, again, it’s recommendable to get the professionals on the job.

A Reputable Option

San Francisco IT support through OneClick Solutions Group is continuously designed to provide cost-effective, cutting-edge service that helps companies secure themselves internally, externally, technologically, and as pertains to regulations. Contact us to help secure your operation.



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