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IT Support San Francisco Business Advice: Do You Have a Fun Work Environment?

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For your business, IT support in San Francisco can help build a fun work environment. This may seem like an idea with little merit, but science supports it. There are two main ways that fun in your office increases the work output of your staff. It’s not nearly as crazy as it seems.

Benefits of Distractions in the Office

It does seem counterintuitive. For many years, the focus in offices has been to reduce the number of distractions that your staff faces. However, fresh research is showing that laser-focus is not going to provide the best work from your employees. The new trend of the most successful businesses is to provide distractions for their staff members. Some of the reasons that top CEOs are working to distract their employees include:

  • Better problem-solving skills – Many people find that a short distraction helps them think around a problem. Sitting and staring at a problem does not trigger the brain into a new solution. Giving your employees a chance to do something else, a distraction, lets their brain work the problem in a different way.
  • Increased teamwork – Team building is important and it is often mismanaged in the office environment. Having group distractions is a great way to build teams all the time. The natural flow of conversation leads to the creation of new and unique ideas.
  • Less burnout – Trying to come up with innovation is exhausting. When your employees can distract themselves, they can fully devote themselves at the most important times. The distractions let them recharge, without taking them fully away from the task at hand.
  • Better moral – Happy employees work harder. They are more devoted and give more to your company. By having some little distractions at work, your employees feel valued and happy.

From these, your company gets the most out of your employees. Increases in productivity and quality of work all boost your bottom line.

Ideas for Successful Distractions

Now, what should you be looking for in distractions? Not all distractions are going to provide the same benefits. The best distractions are things that can be easily dropped when your employees have that eureka moment. It should be something casual and simple. Things like online word games are a great idea. IT support in San Francisco is available to help you set up communities around simple mind games.

To support team building and communication, team aspects should also be considered. Lightly competitive games are a great way to get everyone together in a comfortable atmosphere. This builds the team up, and it gives them a great way to have open discussions. These discussions often lead to the innovation your company needs.

To create an environment that fosters creativity and problem solving, provide your employees a space to relax. Distractions that promote creativity and teamwork can be set up by your IT support provider in San Francisco. Let OneClick Solutions Group work with you to set up the most effective distractions. Use scientifically backed methods to boost the brain power of your staff. For more information, contact us today.



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