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IT Consulting Business Ideas for San Francisco: Does Your Company Set up Meetings to Discuss Meetings?

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Have You Heard Of Red Dwarf?

IT consulting firms in San Francisco can assist you in determining where weaknesses define your infrastructure and help you expedite operations. A great example is meetings. If you’ve been in the corporate world long enough, you’ve likely found yourself in a meeting whose express purpose is to set up another meeting. It’s like a mirror in front of another mirror, or a credit card being used to pay off another credit card.

Believe it or not, this isn’t a unique thing and it’s been lampooned for decades. There is an old British television series that is best described as 10 (or 11?) seasons of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is called Red Dwarf, and many— especially in the tech industry— find it hilarious. In that television series, there’s a character named Arnold J. Rimmer. He has a complex where he can’t seem to pass his astronavigation (that’s astronomy navigation; what a fun sci-fi term!) exam because he never studies. But he plans to. He composes in-depth tables which line-out his day to the very minute. But he spends so much time composing the tables defining his schedule, he never actually gets to the point where he studies, and so when the test comes, he fails.

It’s a hilarious character flaw, but it describes a very real aspect of infrastructural bureaucracy that can very realistically clog up your business’s operations when the going gets tough. There are several ways to avoid falling into this trap— because the reality is you do need to schedule meetings— but what’s more important: the meeting or scheduling the meeting? Obviously, the meeting is more important. You’ve got to learn to prioritize. So, some tips to avoid needless infrastructure include:

  • Proper Prioritization
  • Goal-Oriented Accountability
  • Expulsion Of Non-Critical Urgent Issues
  • Not Procrastinating For Any Reason!


Build for yourself goals and stick to them. If meetings you’re called to make it harder to reach those goals, avoid the meetings. If you’re in management, juxtapose meetings against goals and cancel the less important of the two.

Expulsion of Non-Critical Issues

If an issue isn’t critical to operations or if it doesn’t advance your goals, just like frivolous meetings, what makes sense is getting rid of it. Cut out phone calls or emails that are unimportant to your goals.

Curtail Procrastination

Arnold J. Rimmer of Red Dwarf was deluding himself that his schedule was necessary, but part of the comedy of his character was that, realistically, he had a complex which revolved around fear of failure. So to avoid failure, he’d just put off study, and then blame the test results on nerves or being too busy. He was procrastinating in a psychologically crazy way. You may find yourself doing this, and any IT consulting company in San Francisco worth its salt is going to tell you to cut it out!

The Bottom Line

Discipline is the most important component of operations. You must discipline yourself to prioritize, avoid procrastination, expunge non-critical issues, and meet goals. To that end, there are agencies offering IT consulting in San Francisco which can help you identify redundancies and cut them from your regular operational infrastructure. One such agency is OneClick Solutions Group. We understand where common problems are and can help you see them. If Arnold Rimmer were able to see that he wasn’t failing due to nerves or the test’s difficulty, but due to his own procrastination, then he would pass the test and be able to command his own starship. Think of us like the infrastructural psychologist to your business’s psyche. Contact us to conserve time and resources.



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