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Protect Your Business from the Biggest Cybersecurity Risk of All with IT Support in San Francisco

Protect Your Business from the Biggest Cybersecurity Risk

If you’re a business owner looking for IT support in San Francisco, it’s important that you’re aware of the biggest cybersecurity threat of all time. While businesses have improved on this front over time, to this day this key vulnerability remains ubiquitous.

That’s because, unfortunately, it’s basically inevitable. The issue at hand here is… human error.

Human Error as a Cybersecurity Risk

More specifically, the human component of any given network that someone is trying to breach. It doesn’t matter how perfectly locked-up your information is if someone who has access to it is tricked into giving away access to it, and this is a common occurrence.

There’s a multitude of ways it can happen. Hackers can, for instance, choose to impersonate people who have access to the data they’re trying to get to. By calling a lax support line, they may be able to reset the account password and get in. Alternately, they can simply compromise the security of one of your employees and get the information from them, by either infecting their computer or hacking their accounts. If your employees can get hacked or tricked, by extension the same thing can and likely will happen to your business.

How Often Does That Happen?

According to many sources, human error is to blame for most security breaches. An estimated 37 percent of all breaches were caused by human error, with phishing/malware accounting for 25 percent just behind it. That’s a good half of all attacks, at least, that are being caused by the human side of the security equation. It doesn’t matter how great your encryption is if your employees open themselves and your systems up to attack.

To secure your business, you need the assistance of a reliable IT support firm in San Francisco. If there’s a weak link in your business, a determined hacker will find that weakness and act upon it as soon as possible. They have many incentives to do this— for instance, ransomware creators are in it for an easy payday, since most businesses who get hit by these attacks aren’t prepared for them and are therefore forced to pay up.

What You Can Do

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s something you can do, and it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think: train all personnel with access to your data. More specifically, train them against being phished, scammed, or tricked by hackers looking for a weak point of access in your staff. The only way to counter these human-based security exploits is to make sure that all employees are trained to recognize the tricks of the trade at play.

Failing to prepare your workforce and training them against personally-targeted threats will leave your business open to threats. Don’t let this happen to you.

Learning More

Let our tech experts at OneClick Solutions help you protect your business against potential cyberattacks. Our IT support team in San Francisco can advise you on ways to train your staff, as well as provide you excellent IT services to further safeguard your systems from virtual attackers. For more information, contact us today.



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