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Questions to Ask IT Services Providers in San Francisco About Cloud Management

Cloud Management

There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t understand the intricacies of cloud management. After all, the cloud is relatively new and quite complex. Every business owner and manager should ask numerous questions to IT services San Francisco providers to gain an improved understanding of this technology, boost security, and ensure optimal efficiency.

Is the Infrastructure Properly Maintained and Managed?

IT services San Francisco companies must properly manage, secure, and monitor cloud applications. However, such activity isn’t visual in nature, so it’s difficult for clients to track it. Inquire as to what elements of your infrastructure you’re accountable for and which fall under the domain of the cloud provider. Find out who’s on the hook for infrastructure maintenance and updates. Take a close look at the SLA to verify accountability.

Is Cloud Security Properly Managed?

Security is dynamic in nature. Your business won’t be protected unless cloud security is regularly updated. Find out if these updates are actually occurring. Figure out exactly who’s responsible for maintaining compliance requirements and managing cloud policy.

Is the Cloud Regularly Monitored?

Monitoring is of the utmost importance in the context of the cloud. If your network isn’t monitored to identify and solve issues, costly problems could arise. Find out if a specific individual or group at your IT service provider is responsible for monitoring and solving server downtime challenges, critical services, hard disk space, and beyond. The results of such reports and monitoring will help identify ways to improve cloud solutions.

Are Cloud End-Users Supported?

End-users who struggle to access data on the cloud should be able to immediately reach out for assistance. Find out if the IT services provider acts as this source of assistance or if the responsibility falls under the internal IT department’s domain.

Are Your Company’s Internal Procedures and Policies Regularly Adjusted?

The cloud has extended to all sorts of spaces in the corporate realm and beyond. Employees often bypass their IT department in order to download software, resulting in sensitive company data being placed on cloud apps. If your internal IT team doesn’t know about such activity or doesn’t have access to it, your company is put in a vulnerable position. Pinpoint someone within your company to develop and enforce cloud policies to ensure that all in-house data is fully secure.

Communication Solves Problems

Cloud management is a highly complex endeavor. Its nuances must be discussed in-depth and planned in detail so businesses can operate as efficiently as possible while remaining in full compliance. So, don’t shy away from engaging in a discussion with your IT services provider about the cloud and the most prudent management approach. In the end, such regular discussions will preserve the integrity of sensitive data, heighten efficiency, and provide an invaluable peace of mind.

The IT Support You Need

At OneClick Solutions Group, whether you have general questions about the cloud, the best cloud management techniques, networks, digital security or other IT-related issues, we can answer them. Our tech aficionados understand the ins and outs of cloud management and beyond. We’re the IT services San Francisco company that you’ve been looking for. We’re more than willing to help with your IT challenges, questions and concerns so you can focus on meeting client demands. Contact us today to lean more!



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