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Landing On Your Feet After Losing IT Support in San Francisco

Losing IT Support in San Francisco

Not having IT support in San Francisco can be pretty devastating, especially for smaller businesses. Unfortunately, IT service providers cut ties with their clients all too often, taking away a vital support system and leaving these businesses in free-fall as they try to find a solution. Don’t worry, though: we’re here to help.

The Basics

First and foremost, let’s start by covering the basics. Breathe. You’re going to be fine. Think about what you know, and search for any other available information before taking action. Ideally, your old provider should have left you with some kind of documentation from when you worked together — and even if they didn’t — chances are you can get that documentation by asking. Before you do anything, you need to understand where your business is on the IT front. Doing this will help you understand how long you have to take action, how long you have to consider your options and how much you actually need help.

Next, go ahead and bring in a temporary, break-fix IT provider or a single IT guy during this transitionary period. Having a qualified expert or two around to make sure nothing goes wrong while you’re trying to find a new IT service provider is the best move by far. You’ll need to assign people to the job of actually reaching out for new providers, though.

Search and Prepare For A New Partner

You know where you are and what your business needs. You have a temporary IT solution to ensure your business doesn’t explode in the time it takes for you to find a permanent one. You have a team dedicated to helping you find that permanent solution. Now is when you start looking forward, so you can find the best IT support in San Francisco that actually suits the needs of your business. You’ll want to get a variety of providers to choose from at this point — don’t look at the first that looks nice and just go right to them. That’s never a good idea.

Once you’ve built a list of viable, trustworthy IT provider candidates, it’s time to start reaching out. While reading up on a company helps, the most informative part of this will always be speaking to them directly and hearing them pitch themselves to you. Watch out for marketing-speak: look instead for providers who will demystify these tech topics for you and ensure you’re talking on an even playing field. Interview these companies, learn what they have to offer, and don’t dive head-first into anything until you’ve narrowed your pool and done as much research as possible on your options.

Ensure They’re Right For You

Once you’re down to just a few — or you’ve selected one — it’s time to make sure that you’ve chosen correctly. If they’re right for you, they should get started right away helping you fix any issues you identified during phase 1, and may even be able to identify extra issues that you didn’t get back then. The right provider will understand your needs.

And we believe, of all the IT support in San Francisco, that could be us. We’re OneClick. Contact us for a free consultation.



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