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Does Your IT Services Provider’s Support in San Francisco Feel Robotic?

Does Your IT Services Provider's Support in San Francisco Feel Robotic?

Give and Take

IT services in San Francisco are fundamentally bilateral— they go two directions. But there are definitely IT service providers that seem inclined to encourage only one mode of communication. They want to control all interactions, like the expertise they bring to the table is a trump card of managerial proportions. Sometimes you may feel that coming to your IT provider with a problem, a need, or a question is like coming to a boss with the same. Ultimately, this is kind of a reversal of the situation’s reality.

When you’re employing IT solutions, they should be the subdued personality. You shouldn’t feel like the protagonist of Office Space being asked to come in on a Saturday by the lackluster Lumbergh. Help desk calls shouldn’t feel like wading through bureaucratic sludge; it shouldn’t feel like wading upstream. Certainly, there are areas of expertise where it makes sense to defer to the experience of your IT provider, but in these scenarios, the truth of the situation should be cogently explained in a way that’s friendly and personable.

If you find the organization with whom you’re working has a robotic way of addressing issues with very little elasticity as regards to meeting your needs, then you’re likely to lose money in a pinch when bureaucratic methods of operations take too long at a critical juncture.

Should You Change Services?

When you dial the help desk of your IT provider, do you get disinterested personalities who regurgitate questions and answers from what seems to be a prepared list, or worse, do you have to go through an automated trafficking system before you even speak to a real person? Does the help desk take too long even if there are real individuals brought to bear? If any of these questions match the IT services you’re receiving, it makes sense to pursue a change. You can’t afford to find out your IT group lacks critical-thinking capacity at the wrong time.

IT services in San Francisco should be human, empathetic, swift, direct, and elastic. The city represents the greatest technological bastion of innovation in the country, if not the world, contemporarily. Some services which are increasingly necessary in modernity include:

• Managed Flat-Fee IT Services Flat-Fee
• VoIP Solutions
• Cloud and Hosted Services
• IT Consulting
• Business Continuity Planning

There are certainly additional provisions to consider, but when business continuity planning is available and its level decided through proper IT consulting, your business can be assured that whatever happens, the safety of assets will be assured, as will the safety of continuous operations. Hosted services and cloud solutions have become increasingly integral in today’s market, while VoIP just makes more sense than conventional telephone solutions and the costs involved. Lastly, all these services should be available at a flat fee as opposed to a break-fix model. Break-fix will cost you more over time, because preventable obsolescence predicating acquisition of new systems will be curtailed by continuous, proactive maintenance at a single monthly cost.

Local Solutions

We at OneClick Solutions Group offer IT services in San Francisco that save clients time and money. Beyond VoIP, Cloud services, IT consulting, and continuity planning, we offer personable service and quick turnaround through a professional help desk configured to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more!



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