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IT Support San Francisco: Hidden Costs Every Business Owner and Manager Should be Aware Of

IT Support San Francisco

Most business owners and managers proceed through the work week without giving much consideration to their IT support San Francisco costs. Yet, if one were to take the time necessary to break down his organization’s IT support expenses, he would uncover some hefty hidden costs. These concealed costs represent more than lost money— they are also significant losses in productivity. IT issues are unpredictable, yet they always seem to rear their ugly heads. They cause expensive downtime and sidetrack IT personnel, shifting their attention away from their core responsibilities.

The Truth About IT’s Hidden Costs

When it comes to IT support in San Francisco, business owners and managers who want to gauge their true expenses must consider more than the numbers that are plainly visible. Though you can quantify overhead costs for IT personnel, equipment, and repairs, you can’t quantify all of the negative effects of IT problems. IT downtime makes a massive impact on your business in several different ways.

Consider what happens when your network doesn’t function properly. Your personnel is instantaneously occupied with this high-priority challenge. These “IT distractions” are severely detrimental to your business, as they pull talented workers away from their primary responsibilities and put a crimp in the natural flow of work.

If it were possible to accurately quantify hidden IT costs, you would likely be shocked as to just how expensive they really are. For certain businesses, these costs would likely reach into the range of tens of thousands of dollars. This is precisely why every organization should key in on improving IT efficiency in every possible regard.

Recognize the Potential Pitfalls of IT

It seems like just about every business owner and manager has quickly fallen in love with IT, computers, and the web over the past couple of decades. While these technologies have the potential to ameliorate your business’s challenges, they also pose latent threats in the form of hidden costs. People tend to overlook the shortcomings of such technologies because they’re fascinated with their end results. If one were to adopt an objective viewpoint and examine the true costs of IT in all regards, he’d be surprised as to how much time, money, and effort are spent on IT needs.

This is not to say that your business should abandon IT solutions and operate as though the technology doesn’t exist. Rather, it’s important that you understand exactly how much your organization is truly investing in IT as a whole. This cost shouldn’t be measured in strict dollars and cents. The aggregate cost of IT includes everything— from IT personnel compensation all the way to the work hours dedicated to rectifying issues during periods of downtime. Once these “hidden costs” are tabulated, total IT expenses can comprise upwards of half of an organization’s total operational costs.

OneClick Solutions Group

When it comes to IT support in San Francisco, we’re the best in town. Our IT gurus know exactly how to minimize your organization’s IT costs, especially those hidden costs that are difficult to identify and quantify. If you are dissatisfied with your IT costs or underwhelmed with your current IT partner’s support, we can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our IT Managed Services company can boost your bottom line.



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