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Can You Afford To Waste $70k? Learn To Escape Ransomware with IT Consulting in San Francisco

Learn To Escape Ransomware with IT Consulting in San Francisco

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IT consulting in San Francisco must combat ransomware to be of any use. How integral is this? The San Francisco Transport System was recently hacked. They were using a Windows 2000 operating system, and a conglomeration of hackers whose first language was definitely not English managed to override security and hold the system for ransom to the tune of $70k. The result was “out of order” signs on all the kiosks where, traditionally, customers would pay for a ticket. The kiosks were up the following day, indicating this hack attack was overcome without substantial loss of assets for those running the transit system; but this isn’t always the case. Ransomware can and does lock down systems. Sometimes data on systems affected is so sensitive that the only feasible choice is paying the ransom.

Spraying and Praying

Such ransomware attacks often come from a “spray and pray” strategy conducted overseas. Basically, hackers from (at least in some cases) impoverished countries acquire software designed to disguise itself in a way that will ensure it’s downloaded onto a system. This software is “sprayed” across a broad swathe of email addresses/questionable web pages. Such viruses can be easily acquired through third-party websites online. Basically, a computer virus can be caught as simply as a real virus— and be as enigmatic to the source. The San Francisco Transport System is an agency run by local authorities, and things don’t get much higher. Granted, transit systems aren’t known for their acumen in IT defense mechanisms, so they’re a more vulnerable target than some tech companies; but they’re still a “higher-up” in the local community, and have top-tier security.

Identifying Problems

IT consulting in San Francisco should necessarily identify weak points in an organization and find ways to strengthen those points to avoid such attack. Be advised, though: there are definitely weak areas in your operations. If you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there. And it doesn’t mean a similar foreign “spray and pray” attack won’t eventually end up holding your operations for ransom against the demands of hackers with broken English.


Find an IT group that’s familiar with the latest ransomware trends, some of which include ransomware programs like:

• HDDCryptor
• Ransomware As A Service (RaaS)
• Cryptolocker
• Reveton
• Cryptowall

It turns out there’s money to be made in the design and application of ransomware software. Countries like China have been using ransomware to gut countries like America for a long time. A dead giveaway usually comes in the broken English that is sent by the hackers themselves.

IT Support That Protects Against Ransomware

There’s a concerted effort to steal from those with money by entering their systems through a back door, and then installing a new lock so nobody else can get in. You’ve got to have protection against this. IT consulting in San Francisco is readily available from many diverse providers, but you should look for proactive support that doesn’t rely on a break-fix model but is of the flat-fee variety. This ensures continuous support designed to prevent break-ins or hostage situations which result from ransomware and other viruses treating your information as a bargaining chip. We at OneClick Solutions Group are very familiar with ransomware scams, and we keep abreast of burgeoning trends to ensure exceptional security against such attacks.



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