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How the Mini PC Impacts IT Support in San Francisco!

Mini PC

The Mini PC is becoming quite a star in the tech field. Small, portable and affordable, a Mini PC offers fantastic lightweight accessibility at a small cost. What makes these tiny beasts incredible for IT support in San Francisco? In this article, we’ll cover the advantages of the Mini PC and the OneClick case study over these tiny machines.

The Advantages of a Mini PC:

A Mini PC is exactly as it sounds, a miniature computer! It’s a very small, yet very useful PC that functions similar to a laptop, but has more portability and accessibility within the office. They save a very large amount of room, and are incredibly affordable to boot, coming with all the bells and whistles to run applications beneficial to any IT support in San Francisco. Let’s talk about the Lenovo M-Series tiny desktop PCs.

The Lenovo M-Series Tiny Desktop PCs:

These miniature desktops are incredibly powerful machines for their size; Lenovo boasts five of these PCs.:

• The M900 Tiny (as low as $557)
• The M700 Tiny (as low as $359)
• The M600 Tiny (as low as $359)
• The Tiny-In-One II 24″ (as low as $199)
• The Tiny-In-One II 22″ (as low as $169)

Each are essentially the same model, just with different specs, such as the M900 boasting the possibility of using up to 32 GB of RAM! All builds offer built-in WiFi, solid-state drives and fantastic integrated graphics. Packed with Windows 10, you can’t go wrong with these tiny machines.

OneClick’s Case Study:

We at OneClick have recently performed a “refresh” of one of our client’s desktop PCs; a 30-user financial services firm. The firm had many deprecated, obsolete tower desktop PCs with incredibly outdated operating systems and software. These desktops were incredibly resource-hungry; we provided a much needed upgrade for them.

We introduced the promising Lenovo M-series Tiny Desktop PCs! These tiny PCs packed an incredible amount of punch in an incredibly small-form factor. Boasting quiet noise, solid state hard drives, incredible graphics, built-in WiFi and 32 gigabytes of RAM, the financial services firm benefited greatly from these monsters.

The firm now performs at incredible speed compared to their old output from outdated Microsoft software and applications. The employees were able to increase work efficiency and productivity! Due to the nature of the mini PCs, there is a beautiful green aspect within the usage of these PCs, as they are less demanding of resources. With the reduced size of the PC, the firm employees were able to utilize more desk space!

The Impact of Mini PCs on IT Services

With our case study, it has become incredibly clear how powerful and influential a mini PC can be for IT services. The increase in software functionality, organization, work efficiency and productivity sings wonders for these PCs. These PCs are built to last and offer incredible longevity with both the software and hardware aspects.

By adopting mini PCs for your IT support in San Francisco, you are absolutely guaranteed a clean, green, efficient and safe working environment. For professional advice and services, please browse our site at! We’re always available to provide top-notch assistance in the San Francisco area. Don’t forget to visit our blog too, for more tech articles like this one!



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