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Does Your IT Support Deliver On The Level You Need, Or Does It Compromise Your Business?

Does Your IT Support Deliver

Things Aren’t What They Appear

IT support in San Francisco can be some of the best, or it can compromise business. Parsing between the two can be difficult. No support package will emphasize negative aspects of the business model which props it up. You may have found this out firsthand when IT services you commissioned were not so high a value as they originally seemed.

Sure, they’ve got a low monthly rate — on paper; but that low rate only reflects their most basic services. It’s essentially a retainer going by another name. By paying the monthly service fee, you ensure you’ll get service; but you don’t ensure that when you acquire such service, it will be cost-effective.

Why Do Monthly Fees and Service Costs Differ?

Computer components in business often utilize cutting-edge technology. IT support in San Francisco definitely takes advantage of this if you’ve acquired it from the wrong company. When a personal computer from Apple can cost as much as a used car, the price of a new server can cost as much as a new one — or even a luxury vehicle. Literally, the sky is the limit.

So a service package you were sold, and on which you’ve been paying regularly for months, could suddenly end up being a substantial blow to your business’s bottom line; and totally out of nowhere. Everything in IT repair is essentially billable; what you’re billed on, and how much you’re billed, depends in large part on the company you choose. When an MSP is charging per hour on all help desk and onsite calls, even should there be no exceptional equipment fee, it’s still likely that monthly costs will more than double your regular “retainer” rate.

What’s The Solution?

One of the most effective ways to keep from regular unnecessary expenditures is to find an MSP who offers their monthly services at a flat rate. While it may look like such options aren’t as valuable on paper when compared against groups offering an adjustable rate, if you consider the yearly expenditure of both organizations over the course of twelve months, the IT group with the flat rate will always save you money.

Crunch The Numbers

Say you get an MSP that’s offering a low monthly rate of $20 a month per device. It sounds like a great deal! Until you discover that the average flat rate per device can be anywhere between $20 and $200, depending on the services you’re getting. If an MSP can average $200 a month, why would they settle for $20? The answer is: they wouldn’t.

A $20/month “retainer” fee will likely expand beyond the average flat-rate fee on a very regular basis. Remember, you can buy a used car for the same price as a computer these days. That cost doesn’t even factor in the price on hourly professional services. You could come to a point of compromise in your business from such an MSP

A Known Quantity

IT support in San Francisco providing flat rate services allow you to budget in advance. We at render just this kind of service, and also business continuity planning, IT consulting and many more. If you want to ensure cost-effective, operationally sound MSP services, we would love to help you save.



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