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Don’t Let IT Consultants Push Your San Francisco Business Around!

IT Consultants

Poor Consultants Are More Likely To Push You Around

Look for IT consultants in San Francisco that don’t push you into making decisions based on their consultancy model as opposed to your business model. You’re looking for consultation, not bulldog leadership. The thing is, when you go to any consultant, there is a natural instinct to take the reins, as it were. Consider an example in microcosm.

You enter a hardware store looking for some plumber’s putty to stop a line that has no need but relieves pressure from the system, costing money as water leaks out. You’ve seen this solution work, you know how to make this solution work on your own, and all you need is the putty. But you don’t know where it is in the hardware store, so you ask for assistance. Immediately the assistant gives you ten different more expensive solutions, and when you present him with your own, he insists that it won’t work. You end up spending an additional fifteen dollars, find out the person didn’t actually understand your needs, and you must improvise your own fix anyway.

Most people have been through something like this on a small level. But if you raise the stakes even a hundredfold, what was a $15 budgetary digression becomes a $1,500 loss. This can be exactly the kind of thing that happens when the wrong IT consultant talks you into purchasing unnecessary equipment.

San Francisco Consulting

San Francisco is currently one of the most financially lucrative metropolises in America. As a result, there are some IT consultants that will take advantage of generally well-to-do clients. Look for the signs. Talk about a subject that you understand thoroughly, and have already been forced to find a solution for. See how the consultant responds, and how near their solution is to your own. If they come up with a better option than you did, it’s definitely worth remembering. If their solution is isometric and double what yours was, they’re probably trying to take advantage of you; no matter how professional or matter-of-fact they appear to be.

Look For Options

The right IT consultant in San Francisco isn’t going to give you a black and white scenario. He or she will give you flexible scenarios to choose from. This allows you to match your IT solution with your business’ model as regards scalability and the like. You have an idea when you’re going to expand, and how you’re going to do it. In scenarios you’re given, you can choose the one most appropriately fitting your business. There are always low and high end solutions. Then there are those that combine aspects of both. Expect a consultant with honesty to bring this spread before you, and help you identify your best fit rather than push you into a pre-configured mold.

To Fully Flourish

Profitable operations require proper flexibility. Finding the right IT consultants in San Francisco can definitely help you succeed — as the old proverb goes; plans fail for lack of counsel. But bad counsel is just as likely to induce failure. To find the right consultant, remember these things:

• They shouldn’t push you around
• They should provide you with options
• The right consultant works with you, not despite you

At One Click Solutions Group, we continuously work with clients to provide the most equitable, sustainable solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!



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