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Avoiding Cyber Threats

Avoiding Cyber Threats

How to Avoid Cyber Threats

To combat cyber threats, you truly have to address them and stay aware of what’s happening. CNET, a popular downloading site, reported that a lot of people have set up malware campaigns to encourage people to download apps that have malware on them. Beware of fake apps that claim to be from Amazon. They will ask for administrative privileges, and they will sometimes want other permissions, such as dialing phone numbers or SMS. You have to stay cautious of child apps that are downloaded from the first app. Even after you recognized the fake app as malware and deleted it, you may still have that child app running off in the background and collecting data about your business. To protect yourself from that threat, only download from legitimate and reputable websites, and always be cautious when applications ask for permission.

Next, exercise caution when taking your laptop to a restaurant and using the free WiFi to do your work. Especially never check your bank account over an unsecured WiFi connection because people can see everything that you send over this network. That becomes a threat to security.

As a business owner, you should always monitor your credit card statement to ensure that cyber criminals have not stolen your information. A lot of credit card companies give you the option to send text message alerts when the transactions reaches over a specific amount. You can also tie the location of your Smartphone to your credit card for added defense against hackers. You have worked hard to build your business up: Do not let hackers or anyone else come in and ruin that.



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