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Fix Your Network or Wi-Fi

Dealing with poor coverage, sluggish speeds, frequent disconnects, or something else? Our #1 specialty is troubleshooting network and Wi-Fi. We’ll figure out what’s causing the problem – and suggest solutions.

Amp Up Security or Compliance

In today’s complex security landscape, you need a multi-layered strategy. In just two hours, we can perform a mini-security audit, giving you a wealth of advice on how to protect your data.

Make Employees More Productive

Streamlining on- and off-boarding. Centralizing shared resources. Removing unnecessary steps. We have experience helping businesses of all kinds find new ways to do more, faster – and we’ll do the same for you.

Resolve Your Server Issues

Having file-sharing problems? Disconnects? Printing struggles? No matter what your server issue is – or how unusual it seems – we can track it back to its source and let you know how to make it right.

Get Ready for the Cloud

Curious about how to get all those promised advantages from the cloud? We can give you a quick education about cloud file storage, email, collaboration, chat, accounting software, and more.

Discover Better Telecomm/AV

Poor voice quality? Disconnected calls? Video conference software that frustrates the heck out of users? We’re experts in telecom and AV, and we can advise you on getting communication tools you can rely on.

Focus on a Single Computer/App

We can troubleshoot a wonky computer, check out a finicky line-of-business app, or advise you on any other technical issue you’re experiencing. It’s your two hours to use however you like.

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