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5 Ways IT Consulting Firms in San Francisco Protect Your Business Identity

Protect Your Business Identity

Businesses of all sizes must ensure they keep their data as safe as possible. In this modern age, there are so many threats businesses face. Having seen the adverse effects that firms have suffered from recent data leaks and based on our experience as an IT consulting firm in San Francisco, we think it is crucial for you to prevent unauthorized access to your clients’ data and by so doing, you will be able to protect their identities.

Most businesses receive critical data from sources that include vendors and suppliers, customers and clients, and employees.

Examples of sensitive data include social security numbers, credit card numbers, and health records. Some of the data received can be classified as personal and should therefore not be availed to or accessed by unauthorized parties.

Here are 5 ways to achieving this goal:

Use digital statements

Hackers have perfected the art of gaining access to business IT systems through the firms’ email. Today, a hacker can use your bank statements, human resource files, credit card bills, and other emails to attack your business or clients. Digital statements are safer than the use of regular mail.

Use an efficient shredder

A good shredder is can shred all unwanted digital files without leaving a trace. Using an ineffective shredder leave behind bits files which can be explored by bad guys to steal your critical data.

Encrypt your data and back it up to the cloud

Data encryption is one of the surest ways to enhance the security of your clients’ data. Talk to an IT consulting firm in San Francisco and follow the advice given on how to back up your data to the cloud. Encrypting your data will enhance its security while backing it to the cloud will ensure that you can access it from wherever at any time.

Adhere to digital IT security best practices

It is important for you to ensure that your digital assets are kept safe and away from bad guys who are always out to steal them. This can be achieved by embracing best practices such as:

  • Use strong firewalls.
  • Schedule regular data storage and back up.
  • Update and patch all software.
  • Use secured wireless networks.
  • Use VPN when accessing outside networks.
  • Train your employees IT security best practices.

Setting parameters for data access should strictly not allow everyone who is anyone access to all data. Come up with multiple layers of security clearance defining the employees who have the clearance level to access critical business data. Make sure that all employees who are authorized to access your IT systems have their login details so that you can check who accessed what data. Also, ensure that the passwords used to obtain these systems are secure and are regularly changed.

If you wish to boost the security of your business and prevent business identity theft, then talk to OneClick Solutions Group. We are an IT consulting firm in San Francisco with the skills and experience needed to help your business stay safe and secured. Contact us today.



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