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Data Outsourcing and Managed IT Services in San Francisco

Data Outsourcing

Are your company’s increasing IT needs outgrowing your current resources and capabilities? Managed IT services in San Francisco may be what you need.

Every department in your company has loads of data. You have data on finances, customers, staff, and products, just to name a few. This data is strategic because it can be churned into information and leveraged for competitive advantage.

Globally, companies are pursuing business process outsourcing (BPO), where an outside company manages non-strategic business processes. No company today wants to waste precious man-hours on day-to-day paperwork and procedures. In light of this, companies must ensure that they continue to have the best data management standards. Many companies are unable to keep up with IT demands, thereby affecting the company’s performance and competitiveness. Today, more businesses recognize the benefits of data outsourcing and this trend is expected to continue.

Here are some benefits of data outsourcing and managed IT services in San Francisco:

Focus on Core Competencies

When you manage your data in-house, you use valuable time and resources that could have been used to develop your core business. Outsourcing your data management to a company that provides managed IT services allows you to do that. This ensures that resources are allocated where they are most needed.

Cost Effectiveness

This is one of the major benefits of data outsourcing. Time and money invested in housing data with an external provider are generally much lower. The cost of infrastructure is already factored in the cost, which can be quite expensive if done in-house.

Scalable and Flexible

When you manage your data in-house, any additional capacity you need in future will require more investment in hardware and other associated costs. IT outsourcing in San Francisco, on the other hand, provides greater flexibility and scalability and all you need is to work with your provider to acquire more space.

Mitigation of Risk

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing your data is mitigation of risk. This is done through protection from physical threats like theft and vandalism, and natural disasters like fire and hurricanes.  Managing data in-house exposes it to more risk.

Compliance and Security

The IT industry is constantly evolving and if you are managing the company’s data in-house it may be quite difficult to understand the various regulations and compliance standards. This is more prevalent in some industries, though different industries are subject to different regulations and compliance requirements. Using managed IT services will ensure your company always remains compliant.


Every company has sensitive data they need to protect. This may relate to customer, financial, or personnel. Today, cybercrime is a big business and there are more and more threats every day from hackers and other cybercriminals. Your hardware may also fail or you may be exposed to other forms of risk. You may not have the technical expertise and time to constantly monitor and protect your data. In this case, managed IT services will be of great benefit.

At OneClick Solutions Group, our managed IT services team in San Francisco can provide all these benefits and more while professionally managing your data. Contact us today to learn more.



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