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How Managed IT Services in San Francisco Can Make Roaming Safe

Safe Roaming

Experts in managed IT services in San Francisco say that one of the biggest threats to business security is roaming. It opens up the entire enterprise to malware and other serious cyber threats. Small to medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable because they don’t have the resources to implement the latest in cyber attack protections. You don’t want to get a cyber goblin visiting for Halloween.

How Much Do You Roam?

Take a moment to picture your typical day. You get up in the morning and head out the door. You stop by the local coffee shop for coffee and a donut. While there, you bring out your smartphone to check email using the shop’s Wi-Fi.

Once you get to work, your phone automatically connects to the company network, giving you mobile access to your email and critical files. On the way home, you may stop at the local fast food place to grab something quick for dinner. You use the restaurant’s Wi-Fi to browse social media before going home. When you get home, you hook up and browse costumes to wear to your Halloween party.

All day you have been roaming, grabbing internet access where you can find it, unaware of the risk that it poses. That is normal these days. The problem is, it exposes your company to all sorts of cyber attacks.

The Reality of Roaming

No matter how much money you spend on reinforcing the protection of your IT assets, all it takes is one simple unknowing act to bring it all down. When you hook up to a non-secured network, like the kind you would find in a coffee shop, you become vulnerable to malware attacks. If you were to open up the wrong email, you may find your smart device infected. Hook up that smart device to the company network and that malware can spread through the entire network.

You might think the simple solution is to prevent mobile devices from accessing the company network. However, mobile devices and inter-connected cloud solutions are swiftly taking the place of fixed desktops and network devices. Banning mobile devices is just not a viable option.

What is the Solution?

Your security must become as flexible and adaptable as the mobile devices they protect. The good news is that there are already solutions available.

The solution involves multi-layered cloud-based security. This works for fixed and mobile assets and it doesn’t require a huge investment. In fact, they are easy to install, simple to maintain, and low in cost. You only pay for each user that uses the security solution.

Cloud-based security solutions from a managed IT services provider in San Francisco are backed by highly specialized security experts using the best network appliances and software available. They’re constantly updated to protect against the latest malware, viruses, Trojans, spyware, and botnets. They’re available for all the platforms you already use, including laptops, smart devices, and desktops.

If you want to learn more about the risks of roaming or cloud-based security, you need to talk with experts in managed IT services in San Francisco. Give us a call here at OneClick Solutions Group to prevent a nasty Halloween trick.



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