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IT Support Experts in San Francisco Recommend Hosted Cloud Services

Hosted Cloud Services

IT support companies in San Francisco ask, “Why are you hesitant to move over to hosted cloud services?” These services offer so many advantages to small and medium-sized businesses. They can relieve many IT-related headaches that can bog down businesses of any size.

Let’s look at a few of the big advantages of hosted cloud services and address why you may be hesitant to make the switch:


Most likely, the reason you’re reluctant to move part of your IT operations to a hosted cloud solution is concerns about security, and that’s completely understandable. Your data is your business. If your data gets stolen or corrupted, it would devastate your livelihood.

The good news is that cloud services have come a long way when it comes to security. Cloud support providers in San Francisco use the latest technologies, network protocols, hardware appliances, and other security measures to ensure your company’s data remains safe.


When a business needs to scale, it often requires the purchase of expensive servers, desktops, and all the accessories and network hardware to support them. That’s a huge capital investment that can be too much for a small to medium-sized business. There may be some hesitation to move into a cloud service because of fears that a huge expenditure is required up front.

Actually, the exact opposite is true. You’ll pay a flat monthly fee that’s based on what you are using. When you need to scale up, that fee will go up accordingly. But, if you ever need to scale back, it can also go back.


One of the biggest advantages that hosted cloud services bring is the lower cost. Going back to scalability for a moment: instead of a huge capital outlay for hardware every time you bring in a new employee or need to upgrade a server, all you get is a small increase to your monthly subscription fee for the cloud server.

But, it goes even further than just capital outlays versus monthly operating costs. As you add additional hardware and software to your company, you also need to add new employees to handle it all. So, you’re also saving on employee costs when you use cloud services from an IT support provider in San Francisco.


You may be concerned that you’ll have to accept the software the cloud service has instead of using the solutions that work best for your company. The fact is that you have the ability to customize the cloud environment in which your employees work. That means, in many cases, using the software that you prefer.

The only time it becomes an issue is when a piece of software does not work in a cloud environment. And even then, the host can find workable solutions.

As you can see, hosted cloud services offer so many advantages to small and medium-sized businesses. They actually let smaller businesses gain some of the same strengths as enterprise-sized companies. If you want to learn more about hosted cloud services, you need to talk to the IT support experts in San Francisco that businesses rely on. Contact us at OneClick Solutions Group today and let us help you utilize hosted cloud services for the betterment of your business.



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