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Flat vs. Hourly Fees for IT Services in San Francisco

Flat vs. Hourly Fees for IT Services in San Francisco

You can save money on your IT services in San Francisco by using a provider that charges a flat fee rather than hourly rate. Paying by the hour might work for larger companies with multi-million dollar budgets, but smaller companies that outsource can preserve capital by hiring IT firms that work for a flat rate. Here are a few reasons why a flat fee can save you money on IT services.

Why Hourly Is More Costly

When you pay IT services in San Francisco at an hourly rate, you run the risk of paying higher bills than you would at a fixed rate. It’s easier to plan monthly budgets with fixed rather than variable rates. A small problem can turn into a big disaster if the IT team is unable to accurately diagnose problems quickly, leading to more hours worked. Emergencies may also lead to more IT service hours than usual especially if downtime is involved.

Break-fix companies tend to charge hourly rates and many times end up charging customers for the second visit meant to resolve problems created by the first visit. Instead of paying for all of those extra hours, paying a flat monthly fee would be a better deal.

Dedicated Support

You’re better off with a regular team that learns your business and quickly responds to problems rather than random break-fix technicians. IT professionals who are familiar with your infrastructure and architecture will likely be loyal and determined to keep downtime to a minimum. Break-fix workers might spend extra time learning your system, which can get costly.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) typically offer a 24/7 help desk that provides continuous network monitoring. An administrator will monitor your network to make sure it always runs smoothly. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that IT support will always be available. This round-the-clock strategy will save you from getting those late night phone calls about downtime.

IT Service Agreement

The service agreement should specify exactly which services are provided for a flat fee. This arrangement will protect you from paying for extra hours if a problem requires a technician visit. The more experienced the IT team is, the more likely it will solve problems on the first visit. MSPs who charge flat fees make speedy problem-solving part of their work ethic.

When you negotiate the service agreement, be sure to ask about proactive measures the MSP takes to prevent crashes and cyber attacks. As part of a typical service agreement, IT professionals are committed to protecting your network and confidential information. A credible MSP will commit to providing strong protection and backup testing to make sure your system is well prepared for an emergency.

Choosing IT services in San Francisco should involve asking a series of questions about how fast you want problems solved and other questions related to your IT service needs. You’ll save money by outsourcing for a flat fee to an IT team that spells out their full list of services in a contract. Contact us at OneClick Solutions Group to learn more about getting the most out of managed services.



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