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Why Financial Services Firms Need IT Support in San Francisco

How Can a Managed Service Provider Help

Managed service providers can help financial service firms with their IT support needs in San Francisco. Financial service firms have an obligation to secure their transactional, regulatory, customer and market data. Meeting that obligation requires a thorough knowledge of industry regulations, as well as expertise in IT solutions to meet those regulatory requirements. That is where managed service providers can help.

Firms face a number of challenges these days. Networks need to be more reliable due to the rapid growth of online and mobile transactions. With the increased volume, the amount of data generated is also growing. Firms also need to manage more and more clients over a wide geographic area. Over time, more and more regulatory requirements need to be integrated into existing platforms and into new systems.

How Can a Managed Service Provider Help?

Outsourcing your IT support in San Francisco to a managed service provider offers your firm plenty of benefits.


Every firm has unique requirements for its infrastructure. It is advisable to pick a consultant who doesn’t have an investment in one solution or provider. This will give you a neutral assessment of your firm’s needs as well as a comprehensive recommendation on the solutions that would work best for your firm and your goals.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Your data needs to be secure, yet accessible at any moment. A managed service provider can create a solution to meet your data security and accessibility needs, whether it be physical servers, virtual ones, or a combination of both. One of the benefits of a virtual server is that the cloud is scalable, able to grow in size as your companies’ data increases.

IT Infrastructure as a Service

Most financial services firms work on the break/fix model of IT infrastructure management. With a managed service provider, you get proactive monitoring which helps identify problems early to minimize outages. This can lower maintenance costs and reduce the impact of outages.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your data is the lifeline of your firm. That is why you need a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery program. A managed service provider can help you come up with a plan and implement it. That way, your data remains secure and accessible, no matter what happens. If disaster comes, your firm can be back up and running quickly.

Applications Management

Your firm has its own blend of applications that help you manage your clients’ needs. A managed service provider can set up separate environments for development and testing so your production environment remains uninterrupted.

24×7 Help/Service Desk

When your servers or network go down, you need someone to get things fixed as soon as possible. That is why a 24/7 help desk is so valuable. You can call at any time to get expert help for a problem. The first level group can solve most problems, but they have reliable second level and third level support available for more complicated issues.

If your firm needs to increase its IT infrastructure and security, you need to learn more about managed service providers and IT support in San Francisco. Contact us at OneClick Solutions Group today!



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