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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: How IT Support in San Francisco Saves Your Business

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business relies on huge amounts of data and IT support in San Francisco is there to protect it. With the right precautions, data loss is kept to a minimum. However, disasters still happen and the right backup solutions can save your business time, money, and improved public relations.

Causes of Data Loss

While your business takes many steps to help ensure the security and integrity of your corporate network, problems still happen. Data loss can be caused by security issues, hardware failure, or just user error. No network is entirely safe from all the risks that your data face— that is why having a solid recovery solution is critical.

Traditional Backups

For many businesses, a snapshot of the server is taken at regular intervals. This strategy takes a complete copy of your business’ servers, and if a failure occurs to your working copy, the snapshot is restored. It is resource heavy, and it also requires a significant amount of data storage space.

Typically, traditional backups happen once a week. This is usually done over the weekend to avoid server slowdowns during work hours. The timing of this means that your business could lose up to an entire week of work if the failure occurs before the next scheduled backup. For many companies, this risk is a necessity, but there are other strategies available.

Continuous Data Protection

With the advancements available in networking and data storage, other backup and disaster recovery strategies have been developed. It is clear that traditional backup methods leave much to be desired and continuous data protection works to reduce those drawbacks.

To start with, your IT support in San Francisco takes a complete backup. This step is very similar to traditional backup methods, and timing matters. The first backup needs to take place when employees’ access to the server is minimal. It is the biggest use of data storage that continuous data protection uses.

From then on, instead of one complete backup taken at scheduled times, continuous data protection works by constantly saving any changes made. The system only copies over files and sections that have changes made to them. With this method, data usage drops and the server load is greatly reduced. Your business can have access to a backup that is up to the minute, without having to save entire copies of your server data. Your business can store daily or even hourly change logs with very little data storage needed. In traditional backup strategies, this would mean having huge data resources.

Keeping your data safe is critical for business. If a failure happens, your company needs to get up and running as soon as possible. By having complete and timely backups, your recovery time improves and a disaster is easier to recover from. IT support in San Francisco is embracing the advantages of continuous data protection to keep businesses running smoothly. At OneClick Solutions Group, we have the backup and disaster recovery methods to keep your business moving. Contact us today to learn more about our services.



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