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Why is Backup a Key Part of IT Services in San Francisco?


Many providers of IT services in San Francisco make guaranteed backup a major selling point. Some even offer a dedicated solution in the form of Backup as a Service (BaaS). After all, emergencies can happen anytime— systems crash, availability plummets, data disappears, etc. It’s good if the lost data can be recovered from backups. But what if backups aren’t complete or updated? What if they were also affected or destroyed?

Of course, organizations can choose to make their own backups and perform their own recovery. But this entails investing in infrastructure, personnel, and safeguards— and that’s just for one location. For an efficient backup system, servers should be in multiple locations so that if one goes down, the others are still up and running. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t have the budget for this large-scale deployment. Even corporations that have the resources will find such undertaking impractical. Thus, BaaS is the practical, cost-effective solution.

But aside from the obvious, what else can automated remote backup services do for your organization? Here’s some food for thought:


Because backups are duplicates of the sensitive data your organization holds, they should be kept secure 24/7. Fortunately, security is a top priority for providers. They store their clients’ data in enterprise-grade equipment guarded by physical and digital security measures. They also have multiple locations off-site in case a fire, hurricane, or other natural disasters hit on site.


It’s not enough that your organization has a backup— it should also have a fast process as well to ensure the latest data is stored at all times. For providers of cloud services in San Francisco, this is not a problem. They have multiple servers working simultaneously, making it easy to back up huge amounts of data quickly. The process is also automated, so there’s no need for a painstaking tracking system.


Providers have servers on their main site and also servers on off-site locations. This setup enables them to make multiple copies of their clients’ data. If a disaster or attack hits the main site, you can be assured that your organization’s data is still safe and intact in one of the off-site locations.


Keeping records of historical data is just as important as having a copy of latest data. Your organization may need to revert to an older version if the newest version contains overwritten information. This is why providers of IT services in San Francisco don’t save just the most updated backup. They also save sequential copies of all the backup’s versions, so your organization can recover lost data from an earlier point.


Nowadays, employees access their organization’s data from multiple devices— smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops. Because providers are using state-of-the-art backup systems, backup is synchronized across all these devices upon deployment. This means your staff will always have access to the latest data anytime and anywhere, whether in its original form or from a backup.

If you want to outsource your backup management to a provider of IT services in San Francisco, look no further than us at OneClick Solutions Group. We’re a highly responsive IT company dedicated to delivering our services quickly and efficiently to all clients. Contact us for more information.



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