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Improving Your Business Security Using Managed IT Services in San Francisco

Improving Your Business Security

Small businesses are vulnerable to cyber threats. Therefore, you should hire a managed IT services provider in San Francisco to help in dealing with potential problems. In general, young and growing businesses are the most susceptible to network damage from hackers and malware. This problem is linked to the lack of in-house IT experts. In addition, these companies rely on outdated technology for daily operations. Fortunately, you can increase the level of network security without high costs by using a managed service provider. Here are the most crucial steps that you can take to advance small business network security:

Examine the Network for Vulnerabilities

Hackers and malicious software take advantage of existing vulnerabilities in your network to cause damage. In simple terms, there is no flawless system. Therefore, unscrupulous people work to discover the weaknesses in commercial software and hardware. If a business is using old and outdated systems, chances are someone has discovered a weakness. Therefore, you should examine your network regularly so that you will identify the problems before malicious people do. You should especially pay attention to obsolete hardware and old versions of software.

Install Security Measures

Once you know your weaknesses, you should make certain that the right security measures are in place. You should secure every possible area of vulnerability to limit the possibility of infiltration. Ideally, you should keep all your network components up to date. For example, you should update your software because the upgrades contain critical security patches. In addition, avoid using old versions of operating systems and update your hardware regularly.

In addition, you should speak to your managed IT services provider in San Francisco about advanced security measures for your small business network. For instance, the technicians should install web filters, antimalware, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems in your computer setup. Also, you should inquire about around the clock monitoring. This precaution can protect your operation because it will allow detection of advanced hacking attempts.

Backup Your Commercial Systems

Even with the best security measures, your business could suffer an unexpected attack. Often, this results in the loss of the company data. For example, viruses could delete all the data while worms could encrypt the data, denying access. Therefore, you should ensure that you have backed up a copy of your data for easy recovery. If you suffer an attack, you can simply contact your MSP for convenient recovery. Consequently, you will enjoy business continuity and avoid significant losses. It is important to note that most businesses which lose their data without backup rarely recover.

Train Your Employees

The employees in your business operation could be a significant source of weakness in your IT network. In general, an advanced hacker will access your system directly using certain system weaknesses, tools, special codes, and applications. However, there are numerous cyber criminals who choose to use social engineering attacks such as phishing to take advantage of small businesses. Simply speaking, your employees can be psychologically manipulated such that they unintentionally divulge confidential data.

Better network security from a managed IT services provider in San Francisco will reduce potential risks and improve productivity. For more information on advancing your cyber security, consult our experts at OneClick Solutions Group today.



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