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Every Small Business Needs Top-Notch Network Support in San Francisco

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Cyber thieves have set their sights on small and medium-sized businesses. Though larger companies have more assets, they also typically have a stronger line of defense to thwart digital attacks. Cybercriminals view small businesses as the “low hanging fruit” that can be plucked with relative ease. This is precisely why small business owners need elite network support in San Francisco for safeguards.

No Business is Too Small to be Exempt from a Digital Attack

Cyber attackers are willing to attack businesses of every size, whether they have a dozen employees, a hundred, or thousands. In fact, the vast majority of businesses in the United States qualify as small businesses. reports that a company with less than 500 employees qualifies as a small business— more than 99% of businesses meet this criterion. It is inevitable that a cyber thief will eventually attack your small business; it is only a matter of time. PC World states that 20% of businesses are impacted by cyber criminals each year. A whopping 60% of affected businesses have to shut their doors within six months after the digital attack.

All in all, slightly more than 30%of cyberattacks target small businesses. Small companies are comparably easy to hack. Though these businesses certainly don’t have the same amount of assets as a multinational corporation, stealing a couple hundred or thousand dollars will likely prove quite easy. It might even be possible to tack on a couple more zombie PCs to the hacker’s collection to enhance their dastardly digital deeds.

How Small Businesses Can Combat Cyber Attacks

The best way to ward off a debilitating cyberattack is flawless security through network support in San Francisco. Digital security protocols preserve the integrity of customer information. The last thing you need is for a customer’s sensitive data to be stolen; such theft is a surefire way to drive clients to competitors. There is no need to attempt to fortify your network on your own. Lean on an expert to handle the complexities of this challenge and your data will be well-protected.

There are some temporary measures to take in the meantime while you coordinate the services of a security expert. Double check your Wi-Fi network’s password— it should be lengthy and complex with a variety of numbers, letters, and special characters. If you provide guests with Wi-Fi access, do not let them use the same network your employees use. Create a separate and secured network for guests.

It will also help to update your computers’ operating systems and apps on a regular basis. The latest versions tend to have improved security protocols. Back up important data on a regular basis. Make sure that antivirus software and firewall software are installed on every computing device your employees use, from traditional desktops to tablets, smartphones, and beyond.

The Network Support Experts are on Your Side

At OneClick Solutions Group, our team is here to ensure that your network support in San Francisco is infallible in every aspect. Lean on our cybersecurity gurus to safeguard your network and you won’t fall prey to malicious hacks, malware, and other threats. We’ve been in business for years for a good reason, and our managed cybersecurity services have helped many small to medium-sized businesses avoid productivity-draining attacks. We can do the same for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.



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