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Why You Should Switch From Hourly Rates to Flat-Fee Managed IT Services in San Francisco

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It’s hard for your business to thrive without proper managed IT services in San Francisco. If your IT service provider charges you on an hourly basis, chances are you have done some business miscalculations. A flat-fee managed services option is the best choice for your business. Here are some downsides of using hourly rated IT services and the benefits associated with flat-fee managed services:

Why Hourly IT Services Can Be Disadvantageous

Companies that charge on an hourly basis are break-fix IT service providers. These companies will charge you every time they send their technicians to fix your systems. As much as paying on selected instances may appear cheap, this paying model becomes unbearably expensive in the long run. The model is not good for business convenience and efficiency either. The reasons are listed below:

  • Your IT service provider is in business to make money. The more hours technicians spend at your premise, the more they will earn. This means that the technicians will do everything in their power to prolong their stay. They will simply not finish the job within a reasonable time, and this makes the whole process expensive. That’s not all— it gets even worse because you will experience the same trend over and over again.
  • Break fix IT companies will, in most cases, not assign a specific team of technicians to your business. As such, you will be given a new guy every time you request for a technician. Being new implies that the technician will spend more time familiarizing with your systems than doing the real job. This is tantamount to time wastage which, in turn, reduces productivity.
  • You will never be able to budget with this type of IT services. Budgeting means that you put aside a fixed amount for IT repair. Imagine a situation where you are forced to source for IT services more times than you had anticipated. You will agree that this can knock you completely off-balance.

Advantages of Managed IT Services

Companies that offer managed IT services in San Francisco send IT experts to come and fix problems at your place with the knowledge that overstaying will earn them no extra coin. Therefore, they finish the job as fast as possible, allowing normalcy to resume within no time.

Managed service providers have enough qualified technicians to sufficiently serve their clients. Sourcing for services from these firms means that a team of technicians will be ready at your disposal. These technicians understand how systems run in your business and they will waste no time when fixing problems. Most importantly, you pay once for managed IT services— this enables you to budget and plan effectively.

With the issues discussed above, it’s important that you try sourcing for managed IT services. At OneClick Solutions Group, we offer fast and friendly flat-fee managed IT services in San Francisco. Contact us today to learn more.



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