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Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Cloud Support Provider in San Francisco

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Businesses nowadays are relying on the cloud to help them in a wide range of sectors. As you may know, cloud services can quickly increase productivity, security, and profit in only a short amount of time. Managed services providers (MSPs) will offer cloud services to any businesses, but they are not all created equally. Before you decide on a cloud support provider in San Francisco, it is important that you ask a few critical questions.

Smooth Transition

Will I lose any data if anything goes wrong during the installation or migration process? Will it be a smooth process or will any incompatibility issues appear? Understanding the risks will enable you to make the best decision for your company. For example, it is a good idea to make a backup of critical files if there is any danger of losing data in the migration process. Another excellent idea is to contact your web provider and ensure that the Internet servers will not be down for maintenance during the installation period. Although these steps may seem unimportant, they can have a significant impact on the initial stage of setting up your company for cloud services.


How reliable are the cloud servers? How many other businesses can the cloud support without suffering performance issues? For example, is the cloud service provider offering dedicated hardware resources to every business or is it sharing these resources between clients? Understanding the distribution of resources will help you have a better idea of how cloud computing operates with various companies.


Every cloud service uses a data center and it is important to understand the specific specs. If a component fails inside the data center, will there be a backup copy to take its place? What type of security measures do they employ? Are my confidential work files safe and secure from external threats?

Internet Concerns

In order to receive optimal cloud services, how much Internet bandwidth will be needed? Will you need to upgrade Internet services or can you use the current plan? Either way, it is a good idea to contact your Internet service provider and they can help you find out the upload and download speed for your particular connection.

Backup and Safety

What type of backup and security features do they employ? Do they have a written policy explaining safety procedures and protocol? Is the data redundant across multiple platforms? Without redundancy, the cloud services are nearly worthless. The answer to all of these questions will give you a very good idea of the cloud services provided by a good cloud support provider in San Francisco.

Data Recovery

If the systems hosting your data are destroyed, how long is the recovery time? What type of secondary backups do they employ? Do they regularly create backups? How often are they tested? These are all essential questions that must be answered.

As you can see, cloud services play an important role in today’s business world. At OneClick Solutions, we can help you with your cloud and IT needs. Founded in 2006, we have been providing excellent IT services and cloud support to San Francisco businesses. Contact us today and let us connect your business with the latest technology.



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