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6 Questions to Ask Your Managed IT Services Provider in San Francisco About Cloud Services

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The use of cloud servers is on the rise and it is important for your business to understand cloud-based computing. Many companies offer cloud services, but they are not all equal. Before you begin using cloud services, here are six questions you should consider asking your potential managed IT services provider in San Francisco:

1. Storage and access questions

Where will my data be stored? Will it be securely protected or can it potentially be accessed by hackers? Who will have access to this information? Keeping your data safe and secure should be your MSP’s top priority. Whether you need a large or small storage space, your personal information should be safely protected from any outside intruders.

2. Equipment property questions

Does the cloud provider own its equipment or is it a reseller? In other words, are they using their own equipment or are the using another company’s infrastructure? If they are using someone else’s technology, it can be difficult to find service and support for any malfunctions that you may encounter.

3. Insurance questions

In the event of an outage or data loss, does the cloud service provider have insurance? Recently, it was estimated that nearly 95% of cloud-based services do not provide protection for data that was lost or destroyed. Before you choose your managed IT services provider in San Francisco for cloud services, it is critical for you to verify that they have insurance coverage. Your businesses personal data and information is too valuable to risk losing without proper insurance protection.

4. Security questions

What are the security policies for this cloud server? What happens if a malicious virus tries to access files on the cloud server? Each company has different rules, and it is important to familiarize yourself with the various protocols. Understanding the security procedures can give you a better idea on how cloud services protect your business’s information.

5. Availability questions

How long is the average downtime? Can I access work-related information at any time of the day or night? Will these cloud services be updated on a regular basis? Your chosen MSP should specialize in providing superior managed IT services with a minimal amount of maintenance. Any lost production time can be crippling to a company, and it is critical to limit server downtime.

6. Helpdesk questions

Where is the helpdesk located? Is it local or is it outsourced to another location, possibly even to another country? A locally-supported helpdesk provides the best service and protection that a business needs. On the other hand, a helpdesk that is located in another nation can cause potential problems that range from not being properly trained, communication barriers, or a significant difference in time zones.

As you can see, these are all important questions that you need to consider before you choose a cloud server provider. At OneClick Solutions Group, we’re a managed IT services company in San Francisco that meets— even exceeds— all of these qualifications. With minimal downtime and the latest security updates, we are an industry leader in cloud-based technology. Don’t delay any longer— let our computer technicians help your company reach new heights with the use of cloud computing. Contact us today!



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