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Why You Need Network Security Monitoring from a Reliable Managed IT Services Provider in San Francisco

Network Security Monitoring

Network security monitoring has quickly become essential for businesses of all varieties. It’s a key component of organizations’ overarching security strategies. Just about all managed IT services providers in San Francisco agree that network security monitoring is vital to the protection of critical data. The failure to monitor network traffic, understand its nuances, and pinpoint anomalies could result in a costly breach that brings operations to a grinding halt, exposes sensitive information to wrongdoers, and other worse scenarios.

Why Network Security Monitoring is So Important

Network security monitoring allows for the proactive monitoring and analysis of networks. This is a highly effective means of identifying shady behavior. As time progresses, more and more businesses will invest in network security monitoring services provided by a professional managed IT services provider in San Francisco. Such monitoring picks up on clues from the network to identify traffic idiosyncrasies, including the devices used to access the network, the external IP addresses in use, and beyond. If there’s anything suspicious about the traffic, network security monitoring allows for it to be flagged for action. This is the access to helpful information every business needs to dig deep into anomalous behavior that could potentially pose a threat to the integrity of company data.

Data Sources for Network Security Monitoring

Firewall logs, IDS/IPS and beyond provide critically important data from the network perimeter. SIEM tools are used at these sources to obtain key information. In general, data ingress and egress is analyzed within the network. However, people are also able to examine data in a broader manner, thanks to technological advances. This broad analysis includes WANs, internal networks, remote offices, etc., for a full understanding of what’s truly happening on the network. Examples of tools used in this monitoring process are telemetries like Netflow, endpoint forensics, and packet capture. There are more data sources today than ever, as computing becomes more complicated year-by-year.

More Valuable Data Sources for Network Security Monitoring Will Be Available Across Posterity

In the past, log data was the essential source for network security monitoring. Most of the experts in this field believe network telemetry will be the next important step. It continues to broaden quite a bit since being based on NetFlow, having been extended to recursive DNS traffic, packet capture and beyond. The next couple extensions will likely be endpoint forensic data and threat intelligence to equate network activity to activity on the host. The information gleaned from these sources will ultimately be compared to activity in the wild for the appropriate touchpoints that allow for in-depth analysis.

The Comprehensive Managed IT Services You’ve Been Looking For

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