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IT Support in San Francisco Can Help You Get into a Regular Practice of Backup


World Backup Day

IT support in San Francisco often encourages clients to back up their data, and it’s not a phenomenon which only comes from this area of professionalism. In 2011, World Backup Day began. This happened because a Reddit user lost all the information on his hard drive, and would have liked it if, somehow, he would’ve been reminded to backup beforehand. The community got behind this sentiment, and six years later, it’s still going strong.

On March 31st every year, everyone the world over is encouraged to backup data. At the very least, you can save yourself unexpected losses. At the worst, you can know that should you not backup data at any other time, you’ll at least only lose a year’s worth.

Exterior Attacks

Obviously, you should back your files up with greater frequency! But it’s not enough to have a regular system of backups in place, because data losses aren’t only going to happen as a result of hardware or software malfunction which comes about in a natural, or “organic,” way. Sure, there are going to be times when you overload your computer’s system. Sure, there are going to be times when damaged hardware components in drives that aren’t solid-state end up contributing to a crash of some variety. But there are also times when viral attacks undermine system integrity.

The BEC Component

Ever hear of a “BEC” attack? This is shorthand for Business Email Compromise. Basically, some user in your business opens up an e-mail that either links to a virus or downloads some sort of malware onto your computer. That malware could be of the ransomware variety, it could be some malicious virus just designed to compromise systems, it could be corporate espionage in the form of spyware— there are many possibilities.

IT support in San Francisco can help curtail instances of BEC compromise in addition to providing you backup and data recovery solutions. Through cloud computing technology, it’s even possible to have backup solutions which safeguard your data automatically, and as close to continuously as possible.

MSP Holidays

There aren’t a lot of holidays that an MSP can say pertain directly to the products or services they bring to communities, but National Backup Day is quickly becoming a phenomenon. Not only is it an effective practice to get into, but it’s also an advisable one.

It doesn’t matter how good your security is safeguarding against external break-ins when your internal solutions aren’t requisite to the task of proper operations. You must educate employees with regards to the many different scams out there, but remember that even top-level management isn’t totally immune from such mistakes. Backup solutions are the ultimate safety net to ensure whatever happens, your organization remains secure.

Considerable Support Features

To that end, you want to source backup and data recovery solutions from a group already providing a bevy of IT services— this can help consolidate your necessary technology solutions. Look for a group that offers things like:

  • Cloud computing
  • Managed IT services at a flat fee
  • Business continuity planning
  • IT support

…among other things. IT support in San Francisco through OneClick Solutions Group offers these and more IT fixes for your business. Contact us to safeguard data perpetually.



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