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Benefits of Using Flat Rate Services from Your IT Consulting Partner in San Francisco

Benefits of Using Flat Rate Services from Your IT Consulting Partner in San Francisco

If you already work with an IT consulting company in San Francisco, it’s likely that you’ve heard them talk about flat rate IT, or managed services as it’s known in the industry. However, you may have questioned whether this is the right type of service for your business. Perhaps you think you’ll spend more money when you allow an IT company to take over your internal IT department or that you’ll lose control of your processes. However, the opposite is likely to happen. Here are just a few of the benefits your company will see when you switch over to a flat rate plan:

More Services for Less Money

When do you currently use your IT consulting’s services in San Francisco? When you have an issue? When you’re implementing a new system? When you pay as you go, you may find that you end up paying more in the long run than if you had a flat rate program. If your system goes down or you have multiple issues for them to solve, it could add up to hours of work and a hefty bill that you haven’t budgeted for.

When you use a flat rate service, you can put the monthly bill into your budget every month. You’ll never pay more than you bargained for, which helps with peace of mind as well as budgeting.

Better Security

Do you know how to keep your network secure? Do your employees regularly use the same password over and over or log onto parts of the network they don’t have access to? Do you have a regular backup plan in case you lose data to a ransomware attack? If any of these questions make you nervous, you probably don’t have the security measures in place to keep your system secure.

When you use MSP services from your consultant, they take care of all security features, including continuous monitoring of your system to identify gaps and potential weaknesses. This ensures the safety of your network in addition to limiting downtime.

Increased Productivity

When you don’t have a flat-rate IT service, you probably try to solve IT issues in-house before you call your consultant. You may do this to save time or money, but it probably ends up costing you more of both.

When you pull your employees away from their vital tasks to troubleshoot IT problems, your productivity suffers. Your employees will also take more time and energy to solve the problems because they don’t have the experience of your IT consultant. When you use MSP services, you can keep your team focused on the jobs that keep your business running efficiently.

If your IT consulting company in San Francisco offers flat rate services, you should consider using them to outsource your IT department. In addition to better productivity and security, you’ll probably also find that you will save money in the long run. At OneClick Solutions, we can help with our managed services. To learn more, contact us today.



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