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If Your IT Services Manager in San Francisco Is Swamped, Don’t Interview — Get Proposals for Supplemental Support!

IT services in San Francisco

Don’t Buy a New Boat, Plug the Leak

IT services in San Francisco can easily save you thousands of dollars a year, and even a month— if you’re careful to examine where money is being lost, and get ahead of it.

A great example pertains to IT managers. Oftentimes, these individuals will become overwhelmed for one reason or another. As a small business, or even a larger one, your first instinct may be to hire an additional IT support individual— or several— to help manage the load. But hold on a moment— have you taken the time to examine the situation and determine just where it is the workload is being increased? It may be something easy to fix, something that a firm providing IT services in San Francisco could assist with more successfully.

Waste Not, Want Not

Supplemental support sourced through a reputable IT agency is much to be recommended over hiring additional personnel. Just think about it critically. If you hire someone else to help cut the workload, you’re not going to be able to keep them around if you don’t offer them incentive to remain. That likely means upward mobility of some variety, and a paycheck both steady enough and large enough to keep them dedicated to your organization.

In other parts of the country, it’s possible you could get away with this for as little as $24k a year. At that rate in San Francisco, you might as well just grab some hobo and hand them power cords, then ask them to be a gopher for your existing IT people.

Seriously, parking is expensive, gas is expensive, housing is expensive, groceries are expensive, taxes are unreal— if you’re not pulling down $4k a month in San Francisco, you might not have a roof over your head. There was a guy living out of a work truck at Google because housing is so ridiculous in this ever-expanding technological “utopia.” Why wouldn’t he? He saved 90% of his income. If he didn’t do that, his money would just be funneled away into some rental situation where it would be essentially wasted. Smart folks are getting out of traditional housing arrangements in San Francisco because that makes sense.

So here are your options:

  • Pay around $48k/year for a dedicated on-site employee
  • Pay a fraction of that for exterior IT support

Especially if the issue your internal IT person is facing really boils down to something where an individual is just overloaded in a specific area, don’t buy a whole new boat to help him out, find an IT solutions organization in the area who can help fix the leak, and then fix that leak. It’s a simple, straightforward, and effective way to go about handling the issue. Plus, it will save you quite a bit. Even if the plugging of that leak cost you $2,000 a month, that’s still a $24,000/year savings, making it well worth the added expense over hiring a new employee.

Finding Requisite Solutions

IT services in San Francisco sourced through OneClick Solutions Group offer top-tier tech solutions at affordable rates across a variety of IT areas. For cost-effective IT support that can help you save money while maintaining operations and providing you greater potential for expansion, we at OneClick have solutions. Contact us for savings, professionalism, and reliability.



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