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IT Consulting San Francisco Business Advice: Don’t Forget to Send Thank You Cards!

IT Consulting San Francisco Business Advice

At OneClick Solutions, we provide IT consulting in San Francisco. Anyone who’s ever been in the area knows that we’re loaded with people and businesses, and due to our line of work, we’ve worked with quite a lot of them! Since 2006, we’ve been providing services to businesses all around the San Francisco area, and we’ve learned quite a lot in the past decade about what does and doesn’t work for businesses.

So here’s a free tip: have you thought about thank you cards lately?

Thank You Cards and Other Forms of Appreciation

Sending a thank you card, or another form of appreciation, is polite. There are other ways to say “thank you,” may it be in the form of an email, a gift, or flowers, but the classic thank you card is the most popular example. Unfortunately, this form of communication between businesses has seemingly fallen out of fashion. This is a surprise to many, especially older businesses, but nowadays, modern businesses don’t usually take the extra time for these things.

Why Have They Fallen Out of Fashion?

One reason for this is simply the blistering pace at which modern businesses progress. Thanks to the Internet and global market, businesses have to stay on their toes and adjust quickly to a tide that’s changing more rapidly than ever. This level of adapting, on top of day-to-day interactions with customers, can overwhelm a business, especially a smaller one. The economy is faster and more competitive than ever, and because of this, making time for old formalities has begun to fall out of fashion.

How Are They Valuable for Businesses?

We may do IT consulting in San Francisco, but we know for a fact that formality is worth it. The upsides of sending thank you cards and gifts far override the downsides. What does one have to gain from being a little more thankful? Here are some examples:

• Improved Business Relations – B2B (Business to Business) relationships are quite common, and they tend to be even better when there are real chemistry and camaraderie between the two. At OneClick, we maintain healthy relationships with our clients— we may all be in it to win it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be polite and help each other out on the way. Making a strong bond with another business may just be the key to your success.
• Heightened Morale – Going the extra mile for someone typically means they’ll also do the same for you. When people do good things, they feel good about doing them, and they feel good about receiving them as well. Establishing a positive feedback loop between other businesses is a great way to help boost your morale.
• Better Turnaround Time – Here’s an old business trick: if you want your IT guy to get your stuff back faster, send them some candy alongside your computer. Some criticize this, as they’re already paying to have it fixed, but a few extra dollars for a kind gesture will typically encourage the IT guy to prioritize your workload and get to you first. This applies to businesses in general, too!

Learning More

Expressing your gratitude, in any way possible, is always good for you and your business. In most cases, being nice results in positive things, and as a business owner, you should always be thankful to the people who help you with your IT infrastructure. If you need IT consulting in San Francisco, we at OneClick Solutions can help you with that. Contact us today to learn more— and don’t hesitate to send us a thank you card!



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