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Does Your IT Support Provider in San Francisco Seem to Disappear Like the Cheshire Cat?

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Rabbit Holes

IT support in San Francisco may take you down a few technological rabbit holes. Tech solutions exponentially expand on one another, and keeping abreast of them can be complicated. But it’s not so complicated you’re unable to attain continuous support when you need it, as you need it, and even when things don’t go as expected.

Dogs and Cats

But there are a lot of companies who are rather like tiny dogs. You’ve seen a little runt of a mutt the size of a weasel on steroids stalking around like it owns the world. It’s one of the most hilariously fierce things to observe a Chihuahua lose its mind when a Rottweiler comes strutting by. What’s that little dog going to do? It’s all bluster and no action. But like this tiny dog, there are quite a few IT groups who make themselves out to be much bigger than they are. If you’ve been roped in, suddenly they quit being an angry Chihuahua and get all catty on you.

You’re asking for assistance, you get a smile and some pithy bit of advice, and your tech provider disappears. Your tech provider has transitioned from being a blustering Chihuahua to a self-satisfied Cheshire cat, leaving only the ghost of a smile in the digital phantasmagoria of modern technological communication space. You send a message, they give you some promise you can’t trust then don’t respond for a week or more.

You Need More Than Smiles and Observations

IT support in San Francisco shouldn’t be of this kind; it should get to you as fast as possible. Things are going to get sticky, period. Even if you get the finest tech solutions, have the finest staff running your operations, and never do a thing wrong, some disgruntled political warrior may target your company and backhand you with hacking difficulties. If you get shut down for even an hour’s time, you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars. This is surely intolerable, especially if you’re already paying for tech support from a provider that has promised with all the bluster of a Chihuahua challenging a Rottweiler that you’ll always be covered.

Bigger Options, Better Support

A larger company doesn’t have that bluster, because they don’t need to. They’re not saying pithy shenanigans and disappearing on the winds of apathy. They’re walking strong and secure like some prized protection wolf: totally secured, and able to back up its challenges directly. Larger organizations have resources. They can keep up with all their clients and won’t be stuck with all staff allocated to a single customer.

Hallmarks defining such service include:

• IT support at a flat-fee
• Business continuity planning
• Backup and recovery options
• Cloud and hosted services
• VoIP solutions

Support at a flat-fee won’t come with any unexpected costs; you can budget such a tech solution through the year and pay what you expect. Business continuity planning keeps you online even should Murphy’s Law intervene. This often requires cloud support, and cloud solutions also make backup and recovery more streamlined than ever. All these things require infrastructure. Cherry on top: VoIP saves you quite a bit of money.

We at OneClick Solutions Group offer IT support in San Francisco featuring all these things cost-effectively. We won’t Cheshire on you when the going gets tough. Contact us today for reliable IT solutions!



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