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Why IT Services in San Francisco Must Stay Informed On Upgrades

Why IT Services in San Francisco Must Stay Informed On Upgrades

Enterprise network systems need to be audited and upgraded periodically by IT services in San Francisco. If you hang on to old equipment, it’s worse than living in the past. At least old movies and music have nostalgic value, but old computer systems open the door to many problems, from being clunky to staff paranoia to easier security breaches.

Why Old Technology Is Difficult To Manage

Computer manufacturers are required to support their products for a certain number of years. Extended support for Windows XP, for example, ended in 2014, after market share once peaked at 76% in 2007, when Windows Vista was released. Many businesses were still hesitant to invest in a newer operating system, especially after Vista received widespread negative reviews.

Windows 7 was slow to catch on when it was released in 2009, but within a few years was the dominant operating system and continues to eclipse later Microsoft releases in 2017, although Windows 10 is finally in the running to overtake it.

Once OS support expires, it becomes difficult for even the best IT services in San Francisco to be able to fix old software if it encounters bugs. The extra time it takes to create custom patches can become quite expensive. New technology, by comparison, is easier and cheaper to maintain, as quick fixes are more available.

Beware of Built-in Obsolescence

Anyone who has studied the history of technology marketing understands the scheme of “built-in obsolescence.” Car companies, in particular, have been notorious for deliberately making sure car parts wear out over a certain period of time. This concept ensures that consumers will spend more money on replacement parts or new vehicles, so that the manufacturer wins either way.

The iPhone, for example, was originally released in 2007. It may still work in 2017, but it may also need a new battery. The problem is, that battery is no longer available through Apple, but if you comb the Internet or a specialty store, you might find one, assuming they have the tools that may be obsolete. California’s Lemon Law requires that manufacturers of electronic products worth at least $100 must service them for at least 7 years. After that, you’re on your own.

Cost of Avoiding Upgrades

Like hit songs that come and go, computers are trendy items that keep getting outdated by newer systems. The average operating system on any device has a lifespan of about four to five years, although some systems have more longevity. Adding more RAM can extend the life, but at some point, other problems develop that slow down systems and make them more vulnerable to cyberattacks and downtime.

Since it’s a fact that computers over four years old account for a higher percentage of cyberattacks than newer computers, it’s wise to at least begin looking at upgrades after four years. It you don’t plan ahead with your next purchase, you may get hit with a disaster that ends up wiping out a significant amount of your budget.


Old hardware and software can create serious risks. Choosing the right IT services in San Francisco is important for getting access to advice on new solutions. Contact us at OneClick Solutions and learn how we can keep your system updated and maintained efficiently so that upgrades and business continuity run smoothly.



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