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Is Your Current IT Support Provider in San Francisco Like Thing 1 and Thing 2 From the Cat in the Hat?

IT Support Provider in San Francisco

You Should Get What You Pay For

IT support in San Francisco is going to be different than anywhere else on the globe. San Francisco is one of the most technologically progressive cities in the country, if not the world. This means several things. First, it means you can source some of the finest IT support available in America. Second, it means that clientele of IT support groups is naturally going to be more educated and savvy as pertains to tech solutions than other clients acquiring the same kind of services.

This is an excellent state of affairs, but there are certain tech providers who still think their understanding of IT solutions supersedes those of the client. Certainly, in many scenarios, this may be true, but if a company is getting paid by another for IT services, it only makes sense the IT provider should follow the directions of their customers— this isn’t always the case.

Two Things About IT Support

It’s rather like “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” from The Cat In The Hat. You remember the classic Dr. Seuss tale: the kids are bored alone at home, and out of nowhere, this anthropomorphic cat in a red and white hat shows up and starts causing mischief. Matters escalate when a couple creatures called “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” show up and proceed to do exactly the opposite of whatever they’re asked to.

In a strange real-life irony, there are quite a few solutions offering IT support in San Francisco that are rather like these “Things.” When you ask them to do something, they go and do precisely the opposite of what you requested. And it’s not because they’re trying to cause you some difficulty; the techs actually think they know better than you do. But do they really? Even if they do, you’re paying them to do what you asked. If you’re wrong, and they do what you asked, then you end up footing the bill. But if you’re from San Francisco, you already know how the technology works, and you’re not trying to shoot yourself in the foot. The likelihood is that you’re trying to do something different than the imaginations of your IT support group can effectively suppose. Just because they can’t picture it doesn’t mean they, who are accepting your money, should disobey you.

Support That Works with You

If you’ve found this to be the case with your IT support solutions, what are you tolerating it for? IT support is expensive enough without your having to continuously argue with a support provider. Here’s what makes more sense: if you’ve got a provider who doesn’t do what you say, start looking around for competitive bids. There’s no reason to tolerate it— in San Fran, technological zenith of the world, you have additional options!

Hallmarks of good services include:

• Managed IT services at a flat-fee— no surprise costs
• Business continuity planning
• Cloud and hosted services
• VoIP solutions

One of the most trusted groups offering IT support in San Francisco, and one which won’t do the opposite of what you ask, is OneClick Solutions Group. We offer top-tier services at affordable rates that won’t surprise you with hidden fees. Contact us for IT support you can trust will do what you want to be done.



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