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Things to Consider When “Investigating” Your San Francisco IT Support Provider

San Francisco IT Support Provider

Relying on San Francisco IT support that doesn’t minimize downtime can be a big problem in such a large market. Even though the Bay employs thousands of tech professionals, not all IT support teams exist to serve long term customers. Many of them are looking to make a quick buck off an urgent need, without paying much attention to urgency. That’s why you need to investigate more deeply, since you’re potentially putting your business on the line.

Questions to Ask Your Provider

• How long have you been in business?
• What level of expertise are your technicians?
• What amount of response time can customers expect?
• How much downtime do you experience per year?
• Do you provide advice for business growth and new technology?

Protecting Your Data

One of the biggest questions to learn on your own about your San Francisco IT support is this: how much do they care about your business? Obviously, they’re in business to help other businesses protect and manage data. But what you need to find out is the degree they care about ensuring your business continuity.

The last thing your clients want to hear about is that their data has been breached. The best way to protect your data is to already have a robust data backup and recovery plan in place, in which everything is automatically backed up constantly. IT support should be able to quickly restore your data from one of their backup servers in the event of a power outage. It goes without saying that the best IT support firms offer network security and monitoring.

Soaring to The Cloud

If you haven’t moved yet to the cloud for at least some of your functions, it’s something that can help reduce redundancy and waste. Cloud computing cuts costs in many ways, from office space to staff size to number of nodes on your network. You may decide that your business can survive without upgrading hardware every four or five years.

One of the biggest advantages of moving to the cloud is that it will allow you to test your wings with various software. You can then access applications that fit your needs by paying a monthly fee. You’ll also be able to share software licenses with multiple staff members. The cloud offers many services that can increase business efficiency, such as reducing maintenance costs for hardware, which allows you to have more money to market your business.

Another big advantage to the cloud is that it can merge all your communications into one central place at a lower cost. VoIP is helping businesses lower long distance phone bills, especially if you’re aiming to reach a global market. If you’re already reaching customers around the world, then you certainly can’t depend on IT firms that only operate in their own time zones. You need to work with a provider that understands global economics.


If you need to upgrade your San Francisco IT support, contact OneClick Solutions Group to learn more. We offer quick response and reliable service to your immediate needs. Find out how we can help enhance your company with business continuity planning and cloud services.



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