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Even the Rebel Alliance Needs Managed IT Services Like the Ones in San Francisco!

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The Rogue One Crew Could Have Been in a Sequel!

Managed IT services in San Francisco can learn a lot from the failures of the rebels in Rogue One. If you haven’t seen Rogue One yet, the following details won’t reveal precise plot elements, but they’re going to let loose some portions of the narrative. This film is seen by many to be a surprisingly excellent addition to the Star Wars canon. Even previous critics of the films warmed up to Rogue One… and for a good reason. But what was especially interesting about this film was the role modern technology systems have had on the direction of the plot.

Without giving too much away, consider the Death Star plans from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. They were a schematic of the station digitally stored in an android-like data on a thumb-drive— only this thumb-drive was the size of a trash can, went by the name R2D2, and had a quirky, memorable personality. Now, those digital plans had to be sourced from some computer somewhere, and any Star Wars fan should understand that this is a big quotient of Rogue One’s plot. So, referencing this fact isn’t really a spoiler— you should’ve come to that conclusion on your own! As a matter of fact, leading lady Jyn is involved in sourcing this critical information for the rebels in the climax of Rogue One, and she must battle a host of technical difficulties made all the more realistic to the viewer as they reflect common tech problems regularly seen in today’s world of IT and IT applications.

Again, without giving too much away, the plans are contained in a data center run by the empire, and Jyn is involved in hacking it. Had she acquired tech support like those that are available from some of the top-tier managed IT services in San Francisco, it’s likely many of the exceptionally difficult circumstances which followed could’ve been avoided. A help-desk rebel agent available via comm-link could’ve saved the Rogue One team no shortage of hassle, and perhaps, facilitated a sequel detailing further exploits of this rebel echelon.

Saving the Galaxy One IT Problem at a Time

Certainly, your IT operations don’t involve liberation of entire planetary bodies and alien races from a tyrannical empire, but that doesn’t mean they are any less integral to business! You need a help desk that’s immediately available when difficulties arise. Other features of service that are integral to your operations will likely include:

• Flat-Fee Managed IT Services
• IT Consulting
• Hosted/Cloud Services
• Business Continuity Planning
• VoIP

Break-fix solutions are exceptionally inferior to flat fee services and often end up costing businesses more while delivering less. IT consulting will help businesses make the right decision going into new tech applications and expanding from existing services. Hosted and cloud services are increasingly necessary to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced technologically expanding marketplace. Business continuity planning helps protect your business when— not if— a crash occurs, and VoIP solutions are great ways to conserve resources.

Managed IT services in San Francisco can help your business succeed even in the most difficult situations. At OneClick Solutions Group, we offer top-tier services that would’ve saved Jyn and the Rogue One team considerable hardships— and your business can benefit too! Contact us for more information.



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