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Parting With Your IT Services Provider in San Francisco Can Be Difficult

Parting With Your IT Services Provider in San Francisco Can Be Difficult

Old Flames Can Start Fires

IT services in San Francisco are business-related in practically every sense. Whether you need them for a small or large operation, their acquisition isn’t something that’s based on emotional stability or nostalgia — or at least, retaining services shouldn’t be based on such emotions. Think of it like an old relationship. An old flame. A high school or college relationship that had some spark years in the past, but petered out. Think of it like Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman saying goodbye one last time in Casablanca.

Certainly, there may have been a good past. There may have been fire! There may have been a magnetic attraction that culminated in an inseparable bond for an ephemeral period of time! But then she went off and joined the rebels, and you were chased out of town. In the fullness of time, she found another man, and you were forced to get on with your life. The past is over and can’t be re-lived. Your old IT provider was an excellent solution years ago, but their break-fix model is actually harming your business now.

You’ve become an adult. You’ve matured. You own your own bar in Casablanca. Even if it turns out your old IT provider used break-fix solutions that gutted your business because they had no other option, and no infrastructure to support proactive maintenance solutions, it doesn’t mean you should once more retain their business! So have a drink, let the man behind the piano play a theme about the passage of time, and remember the good old days. But don’t re-ignite that old flame. It’ll set your entire operation on fire. It’s better to grab that old IT firm by the chin, give them a “here’s looking at you, kid,” one-liner, then start a beautiful friendship with a new IT provider that can handle your operation.


IT services in San Francisco should include several echelons of support. When services are managed at a flat fee, you ultimately end up saving money. Instead of your systems becoming buggy and slow, issues are identified and rectified with all haste. This can only be accomplished through proactive IT support that is modeled on perpetual operations. There will be crashes for a variety of reasons. Oakland just had a substantial fire. Now, that fire was at an alternative dance soiree, not a tech firm; but it wasn’t planned, and any electronic equipment near the flames was likely damaged. What if your building is struck by a bolt of lightning during a storm? You must have continuity solutions in place regardless of the service level brought to play. Through hosted services and cloud solutions, such options will be more cost-effectively applicable. Additionally, consolidating communications costs through VoIP solutions just makes sense.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

IT services in San Francisco on the cutting edge will serve you better than your old IT flames. We at OneClick Solutions Group want to help your business succeed cost-effectively through flat-rate options employing the latest in business continuity solutions. Contact us for services you can use to establish new frontiers of success.



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