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Is Your IT Outsourcing Provider in San Francisco the Wicked Witch of the West?

IT Outsourcing Provider in San Francisco

What Gives A Witch Power?

IT outsourcing in San Francisco can be a lot like some sorceress holding a town for ransom with her “powers”. In L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a Kansas girl is sucked up by a tornado and dropped in a mystical land atop an evil witch who has enslaved a nation of fantastic citizens. The film shows this event in an interesting way: the wicked witch has a house dropped on her, and her feet protrude from beneath, soon curling up like rotten vegetables. Then a bunch of midgets sings that “lollipop guild” song and the plot starts when the witch’s sister comes, cackles, casts spells, and leaves in a cloud of green.

Now, what gives these witches power? What makes them hold a community trembling in their grasp? The answer is revealed by the Wizard of the Emerald City. He’s just another Kansas native likewise sucked into Oz and using subterfuge to retain power. Knowledge is power. The witches and the wizard — who turns out to be a bumpkin himself — have information that the population surrounding them don’t. It’s the same kind of thing secret societies have been doing for hundreds of years. The obfuscation of basic knowledge makes intellectually deprived populations dependent. In the business world, this is often seen through IT provision which deliberately lords operationally inferior knowledge over companies that allow them to.

What Kind of Knowledge Do “Witchy” IT Companies Hide?

A great example of such knowledge being held over the heads of clients by groups offering IT outsourcing in San Francisco comes in the form of break-fix arrangements. For a certain fee, this IT arrangement is sustained and seems like a great deal — until some system actually breaks down, and costs an exceptionally outrageous sum to fix.

You want a flat-fee system, not a break-fix arrangement. Do you wait until your engine seizes up from lack of oil to effect a change, or do you perform periodic maintenance on your vehicle? If you change the oil every several thousand miles, your car will run better. If the IT services you use regularly monitor systems and perform updates, reboots, installs, and other related functions, your technology will last longer even as it runs more dependently. IT groups that refrain from such provision are really like the Wicked Witch of the West. So give them a reality shower and watch them melt while you go with a better IT solutions group.

Without The Glasses, Nothing’s Green

One thing that The Wizard of Oz film didn’t include from L. Frank Baum’s novel was the emerald glasses. Upon entry to the emerald city in the book, everyone was given green glasses; through which everything in the city had a green tinge. Without the glasses, little was green. IT outsourcing in San Francisco will try to pull the wool over your eyes in like manner through complex terminology and bluffing. So ask pointed questions, and cut through the shenanigans.

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