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Do You See All IT Support Services in San Francisco as a Commodity?

IT Support Services in San Francisco

If you’re looking for IT support in San Francisco, keep in mind that the majority of marketers who promote themselves as managed services providers do not offer full packages. Nor do they necessarily represent the ideal IT consultant. Here are reasons to explore the field thoroughly before making your decision.

Service Level Agreements

The common MSP provides service level agreements (SLAs) that do not necessarily add up to client expectations. They also tend to not be committed to customer service or educating themselves on the constantly changing landscape of technology. Furthermore, many of them do not even operate from an actual local office with employees. Beware the MSP that really outsources its services, since you may not know what you’re actually getting in terms of expertise and experience.

A proper SLA should provide clear details on service delivery, timely tech resolutions and quality performance. If the agreement is missing items that your company requires, use your negotiation skills. The agreement should specify downtime procedures, performance expectations and response to security breaches. The SLA should be attached to an applicable service contract.

Ideally, the IT support provider should be flexible enough to accommodate your business model. If it’s just a one-size-fits-all agreement that doesn’t meet your requirements, prepare to move on since there are many other alternative choices.

Essential SLA Components

• Definition of services (list of detailed services)
• Performance measurement metrics
• Problem management (response time, customer reporting, severity levels)
• Warranties and remedies
• Customer responsibilities
• Termination reasons and procedures

Using these components, closely evaluate the SLA to make sure each of these items is spelled out clearly. Do not be afraid to ask questions for clarification. If the responses are still unclear, lower the priority of the candidate and look for better communicators. Put yourself in the driver’s seat instead of trusting the firm’s credibility at face value.

What To Look For

In order to make a wise choice about IT support in San Francisco, you must look beyond just price comparisons. In many ways quality and experience matter more than price, which still matters. But would you rather cut corners or build customer satisfaction? These days loyalty is the key to long-term business relationships, since alternatives are merely clicks away.

One of the most important factors in your decision should be the MSP’s reputation. So use your network of your most trusted colleagues and ask around about various vendors. The key question is: how well do they perform the services they promote? Find out how well they live up to their licensing agreements. Make sure their revenue models and product scalability strategies meet your needs. Here are other factors to investigate:

• Visibility at trade shows and industry events
• Innovative programs offering training and lead generation tips
• Access to a dedicated partner portal
• Clear communication free of convoluted tech jargon
• Policies that fit your business needs
• Vendors that regularly attend advisor councils
• Appropriate certification and audit credentials


Practicing due diligence is the main key to finding the right computer consultant. To maximize your IT support in San Francisco, contact OneClick Solutions Group and learn about state of the art possibilities. We want to know about your business needs so we can provide a custom solution. Our business is only as good as our clients’ results, so we strive for win-win relationships.



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