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Does Your Managed IT Services Provider in San Francisco Have an Open Door Policy?

Open Door Policy

As a business owner, you know how important it is to hire strong, third party services to ensure your business’s growth. The IT support company hired is no exception. However, many business owners don’t take the time, or put in the effort to find the right provider of managed IT services in San Francisco. As a result, they learn down the road that their company is lacking regarding security, backup and recovery, and even new technology.

The question is, have you hired one of these sub-par IT support providers?

Is Your IT Service Provider Sub-Par?

While several factors may indicate a less than ideal service has been hired, one to carefully watch for is how easy it is to speak with someone in management when necessary. As a customer, you need to have fast access to someone who can answer questions, help with an issue, give advice, and resolve problems related to IT support and service. Unfortunately, not all companies provide this type of communication.

To determine if the IT service provider you are using has an “open door” policy, take some time consider and answer these questions:

• Can you quickly speak with a team of management if requested?
• Does the company take pride in offering superior customer service promptly?
• Do you find yourself waiting around for service, a return call, and other essential services that you signed up for?

Answering these questions can quickly let you know whether or not the company you have hired for managed IT services in San Francisco is providing the customer service you need, pay for, and deserve.

Is It Time to “Walk out the Door”?

If you have recently discovered that your IT support team doesn’t offer an “open door” policy when it comes to speaking with management, the only option you likely have is to switch providers. While this may seem a bit extreme, most companies aren’t going to change their policies for one unsatisfied customer.

A quality IT service provider is going to take pride in offering customers superior services and communication from day one. After all, if you can’t get your questions answered and problems solved, why did you hire the IT support company to begin with?

Don’t think you are stuck, or can’t make a change. The fact is, an IT support company may try to hold on to your business by offering more incentives; however if they still lack regarding customer service and communication, you are going to find yourself stuck in the same boat over and over again.

Finding a Superior IT Support Company

Don’t worry if you have found yourself trapped in a poor communication and customer service situation. There are several services available that offer managed IT services in San Francisco that take pride in providing superior customer service. At OneClick Solutions Group our clients are our top priority period. You can call on our team at any time to have questions answered, information provided, and problems solved. Choosing us means peace of mind that your IT issues are finally going to go away. Please contact us if you want to know more about us and our services:



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