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Has Your IT Support Provider in San Francisco Undercut You Due to Poor Planning?

IT Support Provider in San Francisco

You’re Not In A Bugs Bunny Cartoon

IT support in San Francisco must be comprehensive and free from tunnel vision if it is to be successful; otherwise it may stab you in the back collaterally without intending to.

Most have seen the classic cartoon scenario. A character’s standing in a single spot as a saw starts coming up through the floor around them. They look on fascinated, until realization hits at the wrong moment — when the circle’s complete. Then that section of the floor disappears in a flourish of sawdust, and the cartoon character falls to the floor beneath and gets a huge bump on their head, while little birdies fly around.

This situation is kind of what happens when your IT provider is negligent in their services. Sometimes they’ll make a critical error when implementing some new software package which stops existing operations. Instead of admitting the problem, they act as though the fault lies with you — that you need to “downgrade” to some antiquated version of existing software for the new “patch” to work. It’s like you were on a higher level, and your IT guy donned a Bugs Bunny mask then sawed the floor out from under you. The only difference is: it is no laughing matter.

Why Does This Happen?

A lot of IT folks have a goal in mind, and get tunnel vision when heading for that goal. IT support in San Francisco must plan ahead, but it doesn’t always do that. This isn’t something done purposefully, but something done as a byproduct of either naive or inexperienced service provision. You need to install new software. They understand the need and jump into installation without checking the atmosphere beforehand to ensure it is amenable to such upgraded integration. They don’t realize their error until other critical operational systems suddenly quit. When they come to you asking for a downgrade, it’s a subtle way of covering their own mistake. Oftentimes this happens and implementation personnel within the company don’t realize the reason is poor IT support, not any fault of their own — then they retain that inexperienced IT group and are thus subject to further accidental losses.

Comprehensive, Experienced Support

IT support in San Francisco should come with enough requisite experience that such situations aren’t just avoided; they never happen in the first place. This is because the right IT support group understands the need to integrate new software which will work in conjunction with the old. They’ve already been troubleshooting your system and understand where its strengths and weaknesses lie. They know what necessary steps to take so business continuity is ensured, not supposed.

Some service provisions that will denote IT support properly prepared for such situations include:

• Flat-Fee Managed Services
• Business Continuity Planning
• Cloud/Hosted Service Solutions

When an IT group offers its expertise at a flat, managed rate, then they’re likely experienced enough to know that they can afford to support themselves that way. This means they’ve done “their homework”, as it were, with every client. An IT support option that boasts business continuity planning has further incorporated this model into their provisions, and cloud/hosted services are some of the most modern solutions for continuity available. We at OneClick Solutions bear all these characteristics, and have designed our services to cohesively and dependably serve your business’s needs.



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