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Is Your IT Services Provider in San Francisco Testing Your Back-Ups?

Testing your backups

Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst

IT services in San Francisco must incorporate critical data backup technology. It’s a statistical certainty that you’ll require backup/recovery options in your business at some point. As a result, any business worth their salt does so; but one thing often forgotten is to run a given system of backup support through its paces before it is “launched” as an operational stanchion of your business.

You test your mic before speaking to check that it is working — testing your backups should be no different. You have to test your equipment before you depend on it. Even in the world of auto-care, this is the case. Oftentimes you’ll purchase a component for your vehicle, and have it installed, only to have a technician tell you that — should said component fail — you can get it replaced at the part-seller from which it was initially purchased.

This isn’t because sub-standard parts have been purchased, but because the regular exigencies of life ensure that a statistical portion of such devices will fail before they’re even used. You can’t have that kind of failure inhering to your critical data recovery systems, but alas: many companies refrain from properly testing their contingency plan after it’s been installed.

Organically-Incorporated Testing

IT services in San Francisco should understand the reality of the situation and plan for it from the outset accordingly. Don’t look at systems failure as an “if”, look at it as a “when” — that’s why you’ve purchased a critical data backup option in the first place.

Anyone who has owned a laptop or a desktop knows how true this is. Technology tends to randomly throw in the towel at the worst possible moment, and if you don’t have a proper recovery option, years of work can be lost in an instant. Losses of this caliber can actually end up entirely tanking a business.

Among small to medium sized businesses, significant data loss regularly affects about 20% of them. While larger organizations have greater resources to bring to the table, and so added security when it comes to such losses, they are likewise not immune. The difference being: a smaller business has less resources, and may cut costs in this area for a limited time, expecting to safeguard themselves later. But this isn’t a wise idea — it’s rather like the grasshopper in that parable where the ant prepares for winter, but the jumping bug does not. The difference being, ants in reality don’t care for careless locusts; they’ll eat them up. Likewise, in business, your losses will likely not be borne by some other group. You must prepare for the worst case scenario as though it’s a certainty — an eventuality — not a “what-if”.

Requisite Support Options

Ensuring business continuity through a dedicated tech support option is probably the best way to prepare for such exigencies. Look for an agency that offers business continuity planning and IT consulting. A service that plans for business continuity in the event of emergency understands the environment and proactively manages your systems. And IT consulting provides you the best solutions for your business.

We at OneClick Solutions provide IT services in San Francisco at a flat-fee designed to maintain continuous operations dependably; and we test solutions beforehand for added security. Contact us for trustworthy support.



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