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Do You Have the Same IT Services Provider in San Francisco for Both Your PCs and Macs?

Simple Solution for Mac and PC

In your quest for diversity of IT services in San Francisco you may want to use both Apple and Microsoft products, especially in the cloud. If you prefer local hardware that combines Mac and PC products, you may be wondering if that requires multiple specialist vendors to service the hardware. This hybrid environment can be complex, but here’s how to approach it in a practical way.

Simple Solution for Mac and PC

OneClick Solutions Group can be your all-in-one vendor to service both Mac and PC issues. As an experienced cross-platform IT services team in San Francisco, the company is committed to providing quick response to issues. Mac and PC equipment are worlds apart for people who have not used both, yet Apple and Microsoft have collaborated on many software projects. A support team that is experienced with both platforms can help demystify the differences and provide advice for integrating the two.

Instead of hiring a separate team for each platform, you can save time and money by sticking with OneClick. The company returns calls within a half hour and communicates in plain English instead of Mac or Windows/PC jargon. Another advantage is that you will be assigned a dedicated technician who will learn your business needs. The firm hires professionals who are certified in both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Differences Between Windows PCs and Macs

• Macs are more expensive than comparable Windows PCs
• Windows machines are notoriously more vulnerable to bugs
• Macs are less targeted by hackers and are more difficult to hack
• PCs are more customizable
• Windows allows for open source programming
• Apple makes both hardware and software
• Additional Mac support can be found at local Apple Stores
• Mac software tends to be more user-friendly and intuitive

How Macs and PCs Can Work Together

The Mac vs. PC dilemmas of the last decade have become part of ancient history. Now it’s possible to share files between both systems. Some experts believe that using the Mac as the server then sharing files on a PC is a more stable approach than the other way around. This setup is merely a file sharing configuration on the Mac. It’s fairly easy, though, to use a Windows PC desktop that shares files with an Apple laptop.

While PCs are typically not known for running Mac operating systems, Macs are designed to run Windows operating systems with the help of a virtual machine or through built-in Boot Camp software. You have the option of dividing hard drive space between Windows and Mac OS X so that both systems run on the same Mac.

It is possible to load a Mac OS X system on a PC, but it involves a Hackintosh developer who knows how to customize the machine. Keep in mind, however, support will be limited and the Apple Store won’t be able to fix any issues.


Businesses that integrate PC and Mac technology should pursue IT services in San Francisco with experience working on both platforms, such as OneClick Solutions Group. The Bay Area company has been in operation since 2006 and serves small to medium businesses. Visit our website then contact us so we can answer your questions about how to elevate your business with reliable support and innovative ideas. Mac or PC? Try both.



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