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Does Your Current IT Outsourcing Provider in San Francisco Manage Mobile Devices?

Mobile Devices

Do you have a good idea about all of the big risks that are out there when it comes to your data, your systems, and your overall information technology infrastructure? Do you think that your current IT outsourcing provider in San Francisco has everything as safe and secure as possible? What about your mobile devices? Are they covering your local servers and hardware, as well as those devices? If the answer to that question is no, it is time to entertain the possibility of changing the provider that you are paying on a monthly basis.

The Risk of Mobile

Mobile devices pose a big risk to businesses and their IT infrastructure as a whole. Any company that seeks IT outsourcing professionals in San Francisco knows that the goal is to make their data, their software, hardware, and everything else as secure as possible. This has to include mobile as well in order for your business to function smoothly and effectively.

Think about a situation where you have the most protected server possible. You think that your data is completely locked down with firewalls, top notch security solutions, active monitoring, and so on. Then, all of a sudden, you have a data breach. How did this happen when all of this protection is in place? It can come straight from mobile devices hooked to your network.

The Trojan Horse

Everyone wants to be sure that their information technology infrastructure is protected from top to bottom. The Trojan horse, though, can be mobile devices. When these devices are not adequately protected, it can provide an intruder a backdoor way to get into your network, into your data, and to basically have access to anything that they want.

It is important to have a complete picture of your systems inside out. This means understanding all of the devices that are connected to the network, how they are protected, and so on. Your service provider should be on top of this. They should have security around work e-mails that are exchanged, what happens when certain documents are downloaded off your data servers and locally onto a mobile device, and so on. It is up to the Internet service providers to be sure that they have the protection in place so that your data and access are kept away from outsiders.

Final Words

In the event that your current IT provider is not managing your mobile devices, it is time to make a change. There are plenty of IT outsourcing providers in San Francisco that are ready and willing to not only get your office technology in check but your mobile devices as well. This is where we come into play at OneClick Solutions Group. When you want a one stop shop for all of your information technology needs, including your mobile IT, we are the solution. Mobile devices allow unwanted access to your network — with a quality service provider, you can prevent it from this day forward.



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