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Business Advice From Your Local Computer Support Provider: Are You Listening to Your San Francisco Employees?

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Do you listen to and encourage your employees to provide ideas related to the business? Really think about this question. Chances are you are going to discover that there is very little “listening” going on. From issues with productivity to computer support in San Francisco, employees represent a wide array of ideas, information, and innovative thinking that is usually beneficial for any business.

According to a recent poll of workers in Canada and the United States, 64 percent of the workers surveyed agreed that the leaders of their business made decisions without first seeking employee input. Unfortunately, many businesses have this problem — but few realize it is present.

Employee Initiative

When management, executives, and other leaders dismiss employee ideas without even thinking about them, a problem arises — lack of initiative. Having a committed and active employee base is one of the biggest benefits offered by listening to employees.

Department leaders, HR staff, and management who are willing to listen and entertain employee ideas receive better effort and productivity from workers.

Innovation and Engagement

Another important reason to listen to employees is that it leads to greater innovation. Some companies encourage employees to submit their ideas and opinions by holding contests or offering bonus structures and rewards. When these thoughts are encouraged and heard — whether they relate to a longer lunch hour or the company providing computer support in San Francisco — the company wins. They have new ideas to use and engage their employees at the same time.

Remain Proactive

Rather than always finding feedback, suggestions, and ideas with a top-down process, use crowdsourcing to determine what is really important to your employees. When the right tools are in place, employees can bring issues — to the forefront — that need input and resolution. As a result, management and executives are taking a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one.

Higher Retention Rates

Some employers make the mistake of implementing plans, such as benefits programs or bonus structures, without asking employees their thoughts first. When you listen to the concerns employees have, it can ensure they are heard and that they stick with the company. Everyone wants their thoughts and ideas heard. If employees feel like their employer doesn’t care what they think, they are going to begin searching for employment elsewhere. By listening and encouraging engagement, you can achieve a higher retention rate when it comes to your employees.

The Bottom Line

Listening to your employees can impact your bottom line in a positive manner. You don’t have to worry about finding new workers all the time when they are happy and engaged, and you can gain new, innovative ideas that improve productivity and profits. When it comes to benefits plans, sales ideas, and more, tapping into your employees is a great strategy that works every time.

To learn more about great employee-management relationships, let our computer support in San Francisco team help. At OneClick Solutions Group, we believe that employees are the foundation of any successful company. Keeping them engaged and happy keeps your business profitable.



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