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The Internet of Things, Security, and Your San Francisco IT Support

IoT Security

Managing IoT Security

San Francisco IT support is quickly adopting security protocols as relates to the IoT. The Internet of Things is prevalent, on the rise, and full of security blind spots. However, there are certain things that can be done to curtail these areas of penetration and secure your IoT network.

Understanding The Primary Weak Points

A business utilizing IoT technology is going to have three primary areas of vulnerability.

• Attacks from worldwide IoT forces
• Letting IoT devices that are enterprise-owned attack others in such a way
• Internal IoT attacks from your own devices

The best way to deal with these vulnerabilities is through structural changes that are internally sourced. While such changes do not offer a defense against concerted external attacks, they can definitely keep enterprise-owned IoT devices from attacking your organization, or being involved in a concerted attack elsewhere. To that end, effecting structural change which recognizes these threats, and works to deal with them directly, is something fundamental in modern business.

The competitive edge offered by IoT technology, and its prospective positive impact on the environment, are two factors too significant to rebuff.

First Steps

You need to deftly control purchasing in your company. With a small business, the difference between an IoT lightbulb at several dozens of dollars, and a conventional bulb at under a buck, is a difference that’s easy to notice.

With large organizations, this may not be the case. Imagine a custodian who gets an order of IoT bulbs that don’t work and has to buy some new ones. He’s just a maintenance guy; he may not know how the wireless signals work! He can’t imagine he’s opening up the system to possible hacking by going with an IoT bulb from another enterprise that — while compatible to the system — isn’t in the same echelon of security.

Know where the IoT areas of operations are, and repair areas of weakness. For this, San Francisco IT support must be demonstrably able to offer advice and security. This is done through the lens of penetrative perspective. Understanding where traditional weak points are, and how to bypass them, the right IT support organization can discover areas you might’ve overlooked, or which may not have been obvious to any but a professional.

Inter-Operational Communication

Personnel on-site need to be prepared for IoT upgrade if you’re to properly derive competitive benefits. They’ll need to know how to take advantage of the tech, what to avoid using it for, and how to maintain security at a given station.

Sometimes the solution could be as simple as unplugging a lamp when a shift has been completed. Lightbulbs of the IoT variety have tiny antennas used to communicate, but they require power to be effective. Hackers can trigger lamps to blink in a certain way as a means of communicating to those looking through windows from afar. But if the lamp isn’t plugged in, it can’t be hacked.

Naturally, cluing employees in is going to require training, and it will have to be organization-wide, meaning ultimate authorization is going to have to come from the top. Still, retaining the advantages of IoT is worth it.

Protecting Investments

San Francisco IT support can help inform your purchasing decisions, identify weak areas, and even show you where upgrade may be in your best interests. Tech continues to develop, and sometimes businesses miss big breakthroughs. At OneClick Solutions Group, we offer top-tier technical support of a proactive variety that includes help-desk and on-site provisions. For cutting edge solutions that help secure your IoT investment, we at OneClick have definite solutions.



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