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Are You Gambling With Your Current IT Support Backup System in San Francisco?

IT Support Backup System

Gamblers Only Win A Fraction Of The Time

IT support in San Francisco can reduce negative variables that are likely to influence your business. Consider the following scenario. Your system works perfectly. You haven’t instituted any backup or data recovery scheme because there’s been no need for it. Everything has functioned well, and your systems locally are more than requisite to the task of maintaining operations. Then the unthinkable happens. You didn’t know an ex-employee also happened to have ties to a hacker ring. Suddenly, all your system’s data is rescinded from accessibility and held for ransom. You’ve fallen victim to ransomware.

Without any kind of backup or recovery, you’re forced to pay the ransom — but then those who’ve stolen from you don’t return the data, and hold out for more money.

Such cycles can and do take place with organizations who have neglected this key element of operations — an element closer to fundamental operating needs than any optional outreach program. Not having any backup or recovery solutions is a gamble that strikes regardless of any company’s fastidiousness in security or maintenance. By not ensuring your backup and recovery systems are up to the task of handling hacks, programming discrepancies, austere weather, and general human error, you’re absolutely gambling.

Who Takes Such A Gamble?

Believe it or not, many businesses avoid acquiring the proper IT support in San Francisco because they haven’t had any direct motivation. There have been no instances where they were compelled to leverage company assets for the return of data, as so many organizations have been forced to do. So they’ve spent years without such an option, assuming those who have acquired this protection have overstated the case. They don’t even realize they’re gambling.

Finding A Service That Can Handle The Environment

The right IT support will feature a number of qualities, such as:

• Managed IT services at a flat fee
• Business continuity planning
• Hosted services
• Cloud services
• Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions

It’s easier to budget when the fee involved is of the flat rate variety. With Business Continuity Planning, you can ensure that your data is continuously secure even should the worst-case scenario manifest. Efficiency is boosted through hosted and cloud-based services, also heightening successful collaboration. IT support that can host all your needs will drastically cut down on infrastructural requirements. Lastly, VOIP is a communication enhancer that facilitates continual connection and generally reduces costs.

Everything In One Package

Too many companies experience profound losses due to gambles accidentally — or even unknowingly — pursued. Even more organizations end up getting led round the bend because they’re trying too hard to consolidate resources. Backup and data recovery are the kind of resources you should not equate with optional expenses like research and development when branching out. They’re expenses more akin to those most often associated with utilities, rent, or even marketing.

You need to have recovery options in place because running a business in today’s economy is hard enough without unexpected but avoidable technology mishaps. We at OneClick solutions Group have made it our mission to provide exceptional IT support in San Francisco. From VOIP to cloud and hosted services, business continuity planning, and flat fee managed IT services, we offer an extensive range of IT solutions designed to be flexible, and fit whichever needs our clients may have.

Feel free to call our office at 415-646-4357 if you have any questions; or if you feel like reading more IT articles like this, do check out our blog!



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