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Has Your San Francisco IT Support Firm Cleaned Your Server Closet and Why Does That Matter?

San Francisco IT Support Firm

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

San Francisco IT support can feature some of the best possible IT craftsmanship that is available. But sometimes with the humdrum repetition of life, and a lack of oversight in operations, an IT group can lose its vibrancy, become complacent, and fail to deliver. A little yeast makes a big loaf. A little laziness can be the lack of maintenance that sinks a boat. Thankfully, there are ways to determine whether or not you are dealing with IT support which has a poor work ethic.

Check The Server Closet

A good IT team is going to keep their server closet neatly organized, clean, and manageable. This is not like a desk. Einstein was a genius, but his desk looked like a number of books unbound themselves across it, spreading pages in all directions. Stacks of paper are everywhere, it appears as though the man was constantly working on a dozen things simultaneously, and it is hard to make much sense of it. But Einstein’s equations were elegant, simple, beautiful, and clean.

The server closet is like the equation; it shouldn’t be cluttered, dusty, unkempt or otherwise in a state of disarray. Other areas of operations may be. IT desks and offices can get strange. But the hardware is a different story — that’s the fount from which most IT work comes.

Software comprises a great deal of regular IT operations. Especially with San Francisco IT support, where new developments are being made on an almost daily basis. If you find the server closet unkempt, this is a very bad sign. Like a little yeast makes a big loaf, a little laziness here could ultimately threaten cohesive operations down the line. Where else is your IT team lazy, and how much damage will this lack of attention produce? All that needs to happen is for someone to spill a soda to fry a mainframe running system-critical operations.

Finding The Right Support

If you’ve done a reconnaissance of your server closet and found it wanting, it may be time for you to start looking around for other support options. Oftentimes getting IT that isn’t internally produced can yield advantages. With an IT company that works with multiple clients, maintaining your hardware and software becomes an issue of existence. If your business does well, they are able to stay in business. Work ethic comes built-in, so to speak. Additional things to consider are:

• Fast support
• Proactive maintenance
• Traditional managed IT services
• Apple support
• Desktop/PC support
• Systems monitoring
• Network security
• Disaster recovery
• Backup systems maintenance/monitoring
• IT services at a flat rate
• Cloud computing solutions
• Voice over internet protocol (VOIP)/phone solutions

A Known Quantity

One San Francisco IT support organization that features all these areas of expertise, and furthermore has a commendable work ethic is OneClick Solutions Group. At OneClick, we understand that operation critical functions require continuous maintenance to perform as they were intended to. This means continuously monitoring and updating systems as they require it, facilitating emergency and backup measures which are secure, working across multiple platforms and operating systems, providing dependable services at a predictable rate, and remaining abreast of market changes as well as innovative new computation techniques, like cloud computing. It is our goal to ensure continuous operations professionally, affordably, and sustainably. Contact us if you have any questions:



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